Natalia  Papirna     

Honored Artist of Ukraine since 2003

Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1990

Member of Academy of Arts of New Zealand since 1997

Paintings are in collections of Museums of Germany, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine

2016 Group exhibition Hypostasis in the Residency of Ukrainian Ambassador in Germany, Berlin

2015 Group exhibition AZone in museum MAUERMUSEUM HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE, Germany, Berlin

2015 Group exhibition Mapping. Ukraine in Rathaus Gallery Charlottenburg, Germany, Berlin

2015 Group exhibition Alternative. Ukraine: Reality and Future, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders Building, Belgium, Brussels

2015 Group exhibition Alternative. Ukraine: Reality and Future, Ukrainian Cultural Center, Belgium, Brugges

2011 Work on the state order of the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, to establish eight historical paintings, to the Archaeological Museum in Skopje.
2011 Became member of the Festival of Contemporary Art "The territory of the soul" (Museum of Modern Art, Chernigov).
2010 Trip to Macedonia and work on the state order to create battle paintings for the museum of history of independence of Macedonia.
2010 Participation in the International Plain Air Montenegro, 2010.
2010 Awarded the gold badge winner of the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage".
2009 Personal exhibition "Synergy" Gallery "N-Prospect", St. Petersburg (Russia), the fund "Cultural Heritage".
2009 The International Plain Air (Montenegro - 2009) was awarded the bronze medal "for excellence" fund "Cultural Heritage".      

2008 Became member of the International Plain Air 1 (Montenegro - May 2008).
2008 Work on the paintings and stained-glass windows for the church complex in Buki.
2007 Work on the painted ceiling "Justice" in the Central Hall of the Supreme Court of Ukraine - 300 sq.m.
2007 Was awarded the diploma of the first degree "For the special contribution to contemporary realistic art" (Foundation "Cultural Heritage", St. Petersburg).
2006 Winner of the International Competition of Painting "SEETAL-2006" (Switzerland).

2006-2008 Work on the Ukrainian-Polish project "Grunewald battle" (make a copy of the picture in full size 400h900).
2003 Became Honored Artist of Ukraine
1997 Became member of the Academy of Arts of New Zealand.
1996 Group exhibition in Museum Fembohous, Germany, Nuremberg
1994 Group exhibition in MALL Galleries, England, London
1994 Group exhibition in Gallery The Roxx Limited, USA, Baltimore
1994 Personal exhibition in  the Museum of T.G. Shevchenko, Ukraine, Kyiv
1994 Group exhibition in Khmelnitsky Art Museum, "Ukrainian exhibition of painting on fabric." Ukraine, Khmelnitsky

1993 Group exhibition in  the Lenin’s Museum, Russia, Moscow
1992 Group exhibition in Municipal Gallery, France, Lille
1991 Group exhibition in  Ukrainian Art Center, USA, Los Angeles
1990 Became member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

1988 Group exhibition Experimental textiles. Ukraine, Lviv
1977 Graduated from the Kiev State Academy of Art, Faculty of easel graphics, prof. Selivanov IM, Professor A.V. Chebykin
1970 Graduated from the Kharkov Art College.