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Presentation of International Cultural Project Alternative. Ukraine: reality and future in National

Press conference and exhibition took place in Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art on the initiative of Jacob Greter Art Center and Art Gallery "Manufactory" September 9,

The theme of the press conference was a large-scale project Alternative. Ukraine: reality and future which is scheduled to present in European cities. This day will be raised issues of national and public importance, including mechanisms will be disclosed by means of a contemporary art can influence the course of history.

The first exhibition of the project started on June 26 this year in Berlin MAUERMUSEUM Museum - MUSEUM HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE

Exposure texts translated into 5 different languages, and museum attendance - about three thousand people a day.

Art curator of the exhibition was Vlad Goldakovsky.

Participants: photographers Vitaly Turbinin, Igor Babi, Svyatoslav Isaenko, artists Oleg Radwan, head of the Kiev Museum of Russian Art, and artist Yuri Vakulenko, artist Evgenia Antonova, iconographer Natalie Nasybulina and young artist Julia Nasybulina, painter-reconstructor of historic architecture of Kiev Anastasia Grigorieva and conceptual contemporary artist Lera Litvinova.

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