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Leonora Yanko presents Innovative and unique large-scale art project “Life after…” 10 June – 10 July

On June 10, at 16.00, innovative and unique large-scale art project “Life after…” opens in the art space “Platform”. Leonora Yanko, art critic, art-manager and director of LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY, curates the project. “For a long time now, I have meant to start an honest dialogue with the viewers on changes happening in the society, to each of us, changes which we have stopped noticing. There is a conflict of morality and logic, modification of our perception of reality and relationships, ethereal pursuit of sense in the labyrinth of self-improvement and ambition”.

We know the story of the Arc, wherein people managed to ruin the world despite having every opportunity to create something beautiful on this Earth. They paid for it by having their kind destroyed because they did not appreciate the gift of life. But was that really a penance? Project “Life after…” is a deliberation of the idea of creation of new world after Noah’s flood. It gives one a chance to realize the crisis, running old just to build new; search for sense, purpose and new heroes. There is redemption for every sin and a new chance to start life from scratch. The idea of the project’s curator Leonora Yanko is to show how each artist depicts their own vision of a cracked world as it is: “The artists’ professionalism often clashes with fear of shocking people, being misunderstood, crossing the line. So we tried, once again, to retreat from traditional perceptions of beauty by giving the artists an opportunity to freely deliberate the values and ideals of our time”.

The participants of curator’s project are mostly young artists, but many of these names are already quite well-known by the viewers and collectors, including: Mykyta Zygura, Egor Zygura, Oleg Radvan, Lera Litvinova, Olga Glumcher, Ulyana Nesheva, Kata Rudakova, Sergiy Piskunov, Reana Malevich, Valeria Tarasenko, Alina Gaeva, Sasha Q, Anna Vasilyeva, Yaroslav Korobka, Semen Shchebyna, Olga Chekotovskaya, Olena Shybunova, Anna Bytaeva, Yulia Zaharova, Olga Antonova, Kateryna Kubitskaya, Natalia Korf-Ivanuyk. Special guest is German street artist Johnny Crack, who has created some of his graffiti on canvas for the exhibition in Kyiv.

Each artist aims to demonstrate that among all social upheavals, constant changes and structural transformations – every end is the new beginning. Paintings, sculptures, interactive installations of the project possess a secret meaning and everyone is bound to find their own interpretation thereof. Maybe it will be the strength to overcome inner fears or clarify own doubts. The viewers will be able to experience entire range of emotions: from satisfaction from meditative observation of artworks to humorous self-irony.

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