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Lera Litvinova opens exhibition Placidity in Central House of the Artists

In Central House of the Artist the exhibition Placidity was opened.

The exhibition containes abstract artworks from series that was recently presented at the world-famous Art Expo New York 2017, works from private collections, as well as new ones such as Structured Chaos and Horizons.

The opening of the exhibition began from a press conference attended by representatives of leading Ukrainian TV channels, journalists of printed publications, bloggers and a performance.

"Based on the concept of the exhibition and inspired by the works of Lera Litvinova, White Crow Theatre of improvisation created the eponymous performance. Due to the combination of several art forms, the guests were able to feel the philosophy Placidity even deeper." - shared curator Leonora Yanko.

The summer evening of the Placidity opening was shrouding guests with a state of serenity, due to the special arrangement and exposition of the works, giving the essence of harmony, the nature of appeasement.

"I'd like to draw out people from the dayly routine and to transmit philosophical, contemplative perception, feeling of placidity and tranquility," Lera Litvinova commented to the media.

"The abstract landscape Placidity is a work about serenity, harmony, reality, in which there are no situations that can lead out of inner balance and everything comes in an ideal balance."

The exhibition was visited by collectors of modern art from New York, Pakistan and other countries, as well as connoisseurs of art.

Exhibition Placidity includes more than 25 unique art works of Lera Litvinova from different periods of the Author.

Litvinova's art works were acquired by Berlin Museum, took part in many projects in New Yourk, Brussels, Berlin, Luxembourg, Bruges. The artist's paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hong Kong, etc.

Enjoy the feeling of serenity and harmony at the exhibition Placidity from July 20 to July 27.

Address: Sichovyh Stril'civ, 1, Central House of the Artist.

From 11.00 to 19.00. Free entrance.

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