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LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY represents: Personal exhibition of vivid paintings by Anton Gudzykevych

Starting from February 17, LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY presents a personal exhibition of works by Anton Gudzykevych, which includes the most striking landscape canvas painted by this artist.

Anton Gudzikevich - landscape painter from Yalta, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. The author developed his art from traditional painting to a new understanding of the Crimean Impressionism, and created his unique script on paintings that are known throughout the world. His works are kept in museums and private collections of Ukraine, China, Spain, Germany and the USA.

Currently, the artist lives and continues his artistic education in sunny Valencia, where his works were highly appreciated in the cultural center San Juan in Alicante. Visual images which were accumulated at the Crimean plain airs have found their reincarnation in the depiction of Mediterranean landscapes of Spain.

The author's art is an understanding of the world around by colors that A. Gudzikevich combines with sense of the dynamics of the composition on the canvas, which belongs only to him. It is possible to find an unusual look at the familiar things in his works, contrasting coloring, which raises the emotional power of the canvas, and which used David Hookney and Matthew Stone at one time.

A. Gudzikevich says: "I am constantly searching for ideas and impressions. I believe that the creative process is boundless and multifaceted. I like to experiment and try to find new ways to implement all sorts of techniques and original color solutions. I pay particular attention to the choice of angles and composition, also to the expansiveness of the picture itself. My style - subconscious search for a new experience."

The curators created this project specially for the Kyiv audience, where will be shown the works which were created under the impression of the Spanish citie colors. The artist tried to express the indescribable atmosphere of warm festive evenings, the entire color palette of the southern sky and the beauty of local nature in his works.

The guests have the opportunity to feel the whole stream of author’s emotions and fully plunge into the summer!

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