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Exhibition of contemporary art "Anthropology". Opening of a new art space.

The art space started it’s work with the first exhibition "Anthropology", 30 artists are represented at the project: Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Papirna, Anna Voloshko, Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk, Olexiy Ivanyuk, Yuliya Polyakova, Alla Volobuyeva, Anastasia Kraineva, Yury Shapoval, Alina Gaeva, Lera Litvinova, Semen Shcherbyna, Yulia Poruchik, Astian Ray, Sergey Zatonsky, Olena Pronkina, Sergeiy Piskunov, Anton Gudzykevych, Tatyana Shimko, Eugeniy Shapovalov, Danylo Kozeleckiy, Evgenia Ivashchuk, Kata Rudakova, Andriy Figol, Vasyl Zhyrov, Artem Andriychuk (Kaffelman), Tetyana Cherevan, Denis Gorodnichiy, Margo Reznik, Dmitriy Koval, Marina Malik, Marianna Ostroglyad, Darya Ivashchenko.

The Grand opening of the exhibition and the gallery was attended by representatives of more than five Embassies and Consulates in Ukraine, among them diplomats from Israel, Germany, Lithuania, France, etc. And also by well-known Ukrainian TV channels' leaders, journalists of printed editions, bloggers, show business stars, Ukrainian and foreign artists, collectors and connoisseurs of contemporary art.

During the evening, guests had the opportunity to talk and share their thoughts and ideas with the artists. The gallery space is divided into zones, which display such topics as "environment", "civilization and religion", "self-identification".

In such loft spaces were organized art exhibitions, which carried out a cultural revolution in the United States of America in the 1980s. During a working trip to New York, this conception inspired the curators of the gallery to create a similar project in Kiev.

The enchanting atmosphere was created by original compositions by the pianist, composer, and laureate of international competitions - Sasha Morozova. Visitors of the gallery especially appreciated the unusual combination of textured style of the interior with exquisite accompaniment of floral installations that were created in the concept of the exhibition "Anthropology" by Kateryna Struts - owner of the Flower Workshop "VERANDA".

Galina Shabshai, Director of Shabshai Upgrade System, member of the International Association of Anne-typology IEA (California), founder of the emotional health center “AMOGRACE” in Kiev, became a special guest of the Grand opening, In her work she focuses on the growth of a harmonious personality with art.

Andriy Kravets, managing partner of K & K LAW COMPANY – the official sponsor of the event, personally visited the event.

Jewelry for curators Lera Litvinova and Leonora Yanko were provided by the jewelry brand "DIAMOND of LOVE".

The exhibition “Anthropology” will run until June 20.

All works are available for purchase.

Address: Kyiv, 47, Zvirynetska st. Free entrance.

Contacts of the organizers:, e-mail:

tel. 050 033 33 17

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