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June 1st Lera Litvinova and Leonora Yanko present art exhibition "En plein air à Rybalsky"

May 15-18 Lera Litvinova Gallery held art project "En plein air à Rybalsky" in the RYBALSKY residential area with the participation of 13 artists. Art project included plein air for artists, master classes, performance creation and media art, a lecture-study on art history.

Lera Litvinova Gallery invites artists, art collectors and art lovers to visit exhibition "En plein air à Rybalsky" started June 1 at 4:00 p.m.

What can more inspire the artist than landscapes! The majestic mountains and the vast steppes, picturesque landscapes and city landscapes, cozy streets, parks and rivers - the beauty of the surrounding world has for centuries inspired creative people. Plenaries were especially popular among Impressionists. That is when the plein air as a term becomes widely used.

The project "En plein air à Rybalsky" took place in the residential area of RYBALSKY, which enabled artists to inspire views of the Podil and the Dnieper from the upper floors of the buildings, capturing the revitalization and changing of the island, the industrial landscape.

The exhibition also opens the veil as to who the modern artist is. Does he create the future, or fixes the present? Variety of directions and techniques, tools, stories and internal motivations that are inherent to project participants remind us of the impossibility of a collective portrait of the artist and destroys existing patterns in the perception of artistic life.

The project chronicles, the process of creating performance and media art will be broadcasted with OLED LG TVs during the exhibition from June 1 to June 29.

Lera Litvinova Gallery expresses gratitude to the partners of the project. Namely: RYBALSKY residential area; ROSA - Ukrainian Manufacturer of Fine Art Materials; Ukrainian office of LG Ukraine. Support for cultural projects is not only a sign of socio-cultural responsibility of companies, but shows the readiness of the society to develop the country.

The exhibition is open from 1 to 29 June according to the schedule of the Lera Litvinova Gallery (Thursday – Saturday, 12:00 - 19:00 except Monday and Sunday.

3, Naberezhno-Rybalska Street, Kyiv. Rybalsky Residentional Neighbourhood.

Free entrance.

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