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Exhibition Existimo. A record number of guests visited the Embassy

A record number of guests visited the Embassy to commemorate Holodomor victims. November 19 at the Embassy of Ukraine hosted memorial evening of victims of Holodomor in Ukraine of 1932-1933 .. The event program included a historical overview of the famous Ukrainian researcher A.Portnova in problems of famine in Ukraine as attempts of the Stalinist regime to suppress the Ukrainian peasantry - the basis of Ukrainian national identity.

Evening was opened with the art exhibition, which was brought to Berlin the conceptual artist and gallery owner Lera Litvynova and art manager Leonora Janko. Lera and Leonora involved, including the promotion of Ukrainian artists abroad. The exhibition presents works by Natalia Papirna, Alexei Kulakov, Oleg Radwan and Sergey Zavgorodniy.

The participants agreed that the Holodomor needs further careful study, including Western experts, because culture is an important element of memory strengthening European nation.

During the evening, the documentary was shown S.Bukovskoho "Live".

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