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Leonora Yanko and Lera Litvinova open exhibition «ChessNO» of artworks by Yuriy Shapoval

Lera Litvinova Gallery opens long-awaited ChessNO project by artist Yuriy Shapoval, which has been under preparation for over six months.

The exhibition is a kind of ironic allusion to reality. Pictures of the exhibition are united by the theme of finding discrepancies in public matters. The artist "hunts" on the subject of religion and belief, politics and justice, ultimately focusing the viewer on reflecting on the age-old theme of good and evil and offering to be conscious.

Leonora Yanko about the exhibition: “Y. Shapoval, choosing the most relevant topics, uses understandable comparative and not too abstract from the current reality images to convey the concept of the works. It is this frankness of him as an artist, so he builds a dialogue with the viewer, expecting any emotions to explode, but certainly not neutral. "

The name of the exhibition "ChessNO" symbolically consists of several meanings, it is also translated into English (read [chess]) a game of chess, which refers to the topics of strategies, certain dual understandings of processes. And having read the title together (read [чесно], укр.), we refer to the overall mission of the exhibition - to reflect on the theme of honesty and truth as a global concept, its subjectivity and objectivity.

“The works united by this title are reflection on the subject of our lives, in its various manifestations. After all, there are many analogies between life and playing chess: attack, defense, casting, cheating, chess and mat. In addition, the field itself is divided into black and white zones, as in real life, and not always white figures are on a white field. Most of the artworks are filled with irony, because I believe that humor contributes to a deeper penetration of the message into the mind. I want the works to inspire people to think about how they motivate myself and myself,” says artist Y. Shapoval.

Lera Litvinova Gallery is art space founded in 2014 by artist Lera Litvinova and art critic Leonora Yanko. Lera Litvinova Gallery presents young authors and iconic artists wellknown by collectors.

In addition to regular exhibitions in Ukraine, the gallery implements art projects abroad. Multiple exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Brussels, Bruges, Luxembourg, in collaboration with museums, embassies and cultural representations were held in different countries. Lera Litvinova and Leonora Yanko actively implement the principle of cultural diplomacy in order to strengthen cultural ties between states and promote national interests.

Exhibition "ChessNO" will last till December 7th.

Address: 3, Naberezhno-Rybalska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine (Lera Litvinova Gallery located in RYBALSKY residence)

Working hours: 12:00-19:00, Sunday, Monday – day off. Free entrance.

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