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Exhibition by Tetyana Venchegova takes place in Lera Litvinova Gallery

Lera Litvinova Gallery presents the first personal exhibition of Tetyana Venchegova. It will be featured a collection of floral compositions painted in oil.

Tetyana Venchegova paints her works using impasto technique. This method was widespread among impressionists: some of them emphasized just just some elements with this technique, while others worked mainly in impasto (for example, Van Gogh painted his ‘The Starry Night’ in this way).

Such works of art are unique. They cannot be exactly repeated due to the special way of applying oils.

Ukrainian artists Lyubomir Martynyuk and Yevgeny Kuprienko are the inspirers of Tetyana’s exhibition. They have become teachers for the artist who is just starting her way in art.

The exhibition is open until August 20, 2019.

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