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The Grand opening of the exhibition "Non Stop. Art " was held in the LERA LITVINOVA GALLER

May 24 was a landmark day for the entire Ukrainian artistic world: works of art that were presented by the Lera Litvinova Gallery team at the world famous event Art Expo New York 2017 were presented to Ukrainian public.

Opening of the exhibition "Non Stop. Art" gave the opportunity to the Kiev public to enjoy the works by the Honored Artists of Ukraine Leonid Zaborovsky and Natalia Papirna, as well as works by conceptual young artists Lera Litvinova, Olena Pronkina, Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk and Olexiy Ivanyuk. In a warm creative atmosphere,the guests could see the works which were exhibited at an art fair in the United States a month ago and communicate with the curators of the project: Leonora Yanko and Lera Litvinova.

As you know, the works of artists amaze so much more in real life than if you see it on the photo. The same happened with the Golden Muse by German controversial street artist Johnny Crack. Golden paint, reflecting a naked female body, and a matte graphite background on more than 2 meter canvas provoke and amaze the viewer. A barely noticeable black halo, carelessly finished by the artist, invites to reflect on the beauty that saves the world.

"Golden Muse is the beginning of a new series of paintings by Johnny Crack," said the director of the gallery Leonora Yanko to the reporters. "It's about women's beauty, which inspires, besides, it's a game with the canons of beauty. It can be compared with the Madonna by artists of the past centuries, but this is the ideal beauty of the female image with modern artist's language”.

The project "Non Stop. Art" is an artistic attempt to overcome thousands of kilometers distance and hundreds of years developing the mentality of a bold and extremely important experience exchange, ideas and inevitable creative synthesis.

Everyone can visit the exhibition "Non Stop. Art" until July 2, 2017. In addition, if you want to enjoy the art works, accompanied by experts of Lera Litvinova Gallery, it is possible to book an excursion in the administration by the contacts listed below.

Address: Kiltseva Avenue, 14; territory of auto-salon “Acura Center Kiev”

From 10.00 until 19.00. Free entrance.

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