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New Art Project "Contemporary" opens in TV Center "Olyvets"

New art exhibition called «Contemporary» is running in the TV Center «Karandash» from November 16 till December 24. This project is held on the initiative of Lera Litvinova Gallery along with the creative space of the main office of Ukraine Public Broadcaster UA: HUB. Lera Litvinova Gallery is aiming to promote the work of Ukrainian artists, arranging exhibitions and various art projects in Ukraine and abroad.

“The exhibition «Contemporary» is an important and interesting project for the creative space UA.HUB, because we have the opportunity to popularize modern art concepts among Ukrainian and foreign guests. Our TV Center unites the Reading Room, Lecturer, TV Museum and Coworking, and recently we have enriched our space with a series of contemporary art works. During the exhibition we also are planning different lectures, art meetings and dialogues because for us as for Public Broadcaster it is of great importance to talk about difficult things in an simple language, "said Irina Zhukovskaya, the head of the Internal Communication Department, coordinator of UA: HUB.

This project includes canvases by more than 10 contemporary Ukrainian artists. Among them are paintings by Vasily Zhirov, well-known in Ukraine and abroad. His paintings are characterized by realistic elements and infused with the nostalgia of Ukrainian village with its authenticity and color. The exhibition also presents the conceptual works by a young Ukrainian artist Artem Andriychuk (Kaffelman). His canvases amaze with non-standard and unexpected ideas and make audience change the angle of view on the usual things. Among other artists whose works are displayed at the exhibition are: Lera Litvinova, Yuri Shapoval, Alina Gaeva, Semen Shcherbina, Elena Pronkina.

Contemporary art makes us to look at the things from a different perspective. It reveals new forms of being, departs from traditions and seeks for a new truth. Modern artists do not depict everyday life, they go deep into what is underneath the human existence, show the complexity of life and contradictions of the world.

The main objective of the exhibition is to reveal the importance of modern art for society. One of the tasks of contemporary art is to focus on the problems of mankind, raise important questions and urge the audience to thinking. It is not always possible to understand modern art with the help of logic, it requires an immersion into our “self” and when the viewer starts observing his inner world here where the magic happens.

The curator of the project, Leonora Yanko, art historian, art manager and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery, states: “Contemporary art always has the message and the idea, it appeals to the viewer's subconscious and soul using abstract forms, images and associations. No canvas is created without reason; it always carries a certain emotion, a problem or premise. Modern art harbors ideas that can be revealed only through examining , drawing parallels and asking questions, whose answers are not on the surface but somewhere deep inside of every person. "

Lera Litvinova, an artist and ideologist of the project, notes: "Contemporary artists play with the consciousness of the audience, forcing them to delve into their own emotions and sensations, encouraging research and reflection. This is not just a picture, but a meaningful story that the artist is willing to share with. We also plan to complement the exhibition with new works and set a lot of, creative lectures, dialogues, and art meetings to immerse viewers into the world of contemporary art. "

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