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Lera Litvinova Gallery presents the ‘Large Format’ art project

It’s a group exhibition of large-scale artworks that will be held from September 28 to October 18.

The exposition combines paintings by Ukrainian and foreign artists working in different directions and having different worldviews. The ‘Large format’ is an opportunity to look at the processes that are taking place today in contemporary art on a large scale. The exhibition will feature great works — both in size and in value.

Project participants: — Semen Shcherbyna — with original abstractions characterized by bright colors and precise accents. — Valeria Tarasenko — with urban landscapes in the author's imaginative expression.

— Olena Pronkina — with a polyptych aimed to learn more about reality hidden in the human subconscious.

— Johnny Crack — German street artist whose works can be called a real challenge to everyday life. — Lera Litvinova — with abstract landscape paintings, a kind of meditative art. — Sergiy Piskunov is an artist who masterfully works with hyper-realism and the smallest details. — Sasha Q — with surreal landscapes and mystical canvases. — Reana Malevich — with conceptual works in original style. — Yuriy Shapoval — with the latest plein air paintings created with the interest in the game between natural light and colors. — Kata Rudakova — with a non-standard style and original images. — Alina Gayeva — with paintings that explore the idea of humanism in modern society.

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