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LUMEN. The Grand opening of the contemporary art project.

On December 8, was held the Grand opening of the new major art project by Lera Litvinova Gallery: an exhibition of contemporary art Lumen, which was dedicated to the birthday of the gallery founder - Lera Litvinova.

Mostly, participants of the curatorial project are young artists, but many of these names are already known by the audience and collectors, among them:

Valeriy Franchuk, Johnny Crack, Nikita Zigura, Yegor Zigura, Lera Litvinova, Olga Glumcher, Kata Rudakova, Sergey Piskunov, Reana Malevich, Valeria Tarasenko, art group Light, Alina Gaeva, Sasha Q, Anna Vasilyeva, Semen Shcherbyna, Elena Pronkina, Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk, Les Panchishyn, Yaroslav Korobka.

Leonora Yanko, Director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery, created this project which combines paintings, sculptures and interactive installations, to build non-standard dialogue between artist and audience. The event combined a relaxed sparkling festive atmosphere and meditative philosophical mood which was radiated by artistic works presented in this exhibition.

During the evening, guests were impressed by singing of the opera diva Anastasia Derun, which performed a few famous opera arias. Inspiring music was provided by soundman Anatoll Soul.

The exhibition was attended by known collectors, contemporary art connoisseurs and representatives of media. Also, visitors had the opportunity to talk and share their thoughts and ideas with the artists.

The significant moment was the fact that at the opening day, two authors, who were represented by Lera Litvinova Gallery, officially sold their art-works at auctions. Namely, paintings by Elena Pronkina were sold at the auction house "Ducat" and the sculpture "Colossus which Awakens" by Egor Zigura which was estimated 4000 - 6000 £, were sold at the famous international auction Phillips in London for 20 000 £.

The Partner of event "Emotion & Elegance" prepared for the celebration their trademark candy-bar, and made the evening really sweet! The guests were treated by TM NUÃRE, which prepared a fragrant tasty roast coffee for them.

Exquisite drinks from “Villa Krim” completed the atmosphere of the evening.

The project “Lumen” - is not just a pleasure from observing the beautiful art-works, but also an opportunity to look into the source of spiritual doubts, to meet your shadow and find a common language with it.

The organizers also express their gratitude to the car showroom “Acura Center Kyiv”.

The exhibition will run until February 8.

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