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Art exhibition The connection is broken by Olena Pronkina in LERA LITVІNOVA GALLERY

On October 12 at 18:30 in the art space Lera Litvinova Gallery the Olena Pronkina’s personal exhibition The connection is broken will be opened. The gallery director and art critic Leonora Yanko comments: "The themes of new artworks series are not only actual in the context of human existence in the modern digital space, but also bring up the out of time subjects: communication in society, mutual understanding, empathy".

The connection is broken is the artist’s project-question in, an attempt to dialogue with the public where the «wire» is symbolic element. It reflects the interaction and quality of human communication in a modern society with its technical progress that is rapidly moving forward.

Olena Pronkina comments: "The phenomenon of unity global digital with the world is gradually released from its material form of data transportation today. There are less and less wired connections around us in our life. The communication with global society has become more accessible than ever before, but at the same time, it has lost its materiality and become elusive, like an air. But did we win because of this our loneliness? Will the "torn wire" be a symbol of relief from the problems of the conditionality of communication, or, nevertheless, will remain a sign of a real communication lack? "

Artistic details show the design depth and serve as a kind of switch for the public to help it not olny to contemplate the paintings, but to learn of their own inner life. One of the peculiarities of Olena Pronkina's work is the profound knowledge of reality through the reflection of her own internal states. Her artworks are the rethinking of avant-garde art, where Mark Rothko, Fernand Leger, Georges Braque and others worked.

This year the works of this young conceptual artist were presented by the Lera Litvinova Gallery team at the prestigious Art Expo annual art fair held in New York, USA. Olena Pronkina has group and personal exhibitions in Kiev, Odessa, Ternopil, Kharkiv, as well as Caserti (Italy) and New York (USA). Her works are in private collections in Ukraine.

The connection is broken is a special exhibition For Lera Litvinova Gallery, because it passes through the project "Residence". Olena Proninka is the first author of this project.

Everyone who wants to communicate personally with the author of the paintings are welcome to the opening of The connection is broken October, 12, 2017. The exhibition is opened until November, 15.

Works are available for purchase.

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