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Installation TRAUMA by Lera Litvinova : "Traumatized" society or a society of unique peopl

Lera Litvinova will present her installations’ series TRAUMA for a first time this year. These artworks are about tolerance, non-discrimination and stigma. Each of the installations’ art objects is devoted to the theme of people with serious illnesses or physical disabilities and the uniqueness of their experience in modern society.

Art critic Leonora Yanko comments: "The theme of Lera Litvinova’s installation is actually more than the problem of physical illness. It is about compassion and also about mental and spiritual "trauma" which cannot be seen, but deserves no less attention".The first art object from the TRAUMA series covers an area of 30 square meters in size, and will help you to immerse yourself in the installations’ idealized world and stay alone with a sense of privacy and lightness.

TRAUMA is a discourse about mutual relations in society. This is a question for everyone: do we see a person despite the fears, ignorance and bias? Severe disease and physiological disabilities resemble a litmus test on tolerance and the quality of relationships.

Modern society is inclined to brand some as "not like other" people. Considering the notion of "brand" or "stigma" as a social or cultural process, the notion of stigmatization acts as a purely moral problem of society. The artist asks the question of human openness to the perception of another person with its specific features of any character, since the human uniqueness is possible only because of its imperfect.

The first installation from the TRAUMA series will be presented on December 1 at the World AIDS Day, in the gallery of American House during the opening of the exhibition "IN POSITIVE" and devoted to the problem of AIDS.

Lera Litvinova comments: "The installation consists of almost 200 vertical white canes up to 3 meters high, growing up from the ground, creating a sense of walk through the forest of slender trees. Lift your head and you will see the unique peak of each of them. Canes are rising up as if they are people. Stigmatization on based on appearance leads to discrimination, and discrimination - to a person's denigration. Human denigration is a sign of a traumatized society. So I emphasize that we are all the same and all different at the same time. The canes visualize the rhythmic movement that society makes and reminds those of us who have become the backbone of other people ".

Lera Litvinova expresses her personal gratitude to the Internet portal of decorative and finishing materials for help with creating the installation.

The installation TRAUMA is a frank dialogue with the viewer about changes taking place in society. After all, the problem of HIV and its solution in most cases underlines the question of whether we are seeking positive changes.

General Director of KOLORIT PAINTS LLC Mauno Nurm comments: "Our company understands the importance of the problem of fighting AIDS and is pleased to support such social projects. Thus, we can take part not only in the cultural development of the country, but also in the creation of a knowledgeable, loyal, open society, free from prejudice and discrimination ".The exhibition will last from December 1 to December 30 at the American House. The opening will begin at 6:30pm. To join the project and to demonstrate support and solidarity with people who are living with HIV in Ukraine, visit the exhibition.

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