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Personal exhibition of contemporary paintings by Anastasia Kraineva VOLUME OF COLOR in Lera Litvinov

Personal exhibition of paintings by Anastasia Kraineva VOLUME OF COLOR starts on December 7 in Lera Litvinova Gallery. Leonora Yanko, art critic, gallery director and curator of the project comments: "The exhibition’s name is related to the author’s technique. The structural volumetric brushstroke of Anastasia Kraineva opens to the viewer no less than the plot itself. The characteristic s stylistic of A. Kraineva's performance can be distinguished as a special accent of the exhibition".

The idea of the greatness and beauty of the world, the ability of nature and thought to awaken, rebirth in all its manifestations is the main emotion of the project. You can Especially feel the triumph of vital energy and strength due to the contrast of the calmness of the winter city and the irrepressibility of colors in the author's works.

VOLUME OF COLOR is an attempt to adopt the concept of the reincarnation and infinity of all living things through a specific time period of the year, which, on the one hand, brings destruction, and on the other hand, gives the necessary peace so that all the forces of nature are reborn and the life cycle begins again.

On the artist's works figurative images appear and dissolve in an abstract landscape, which produces an unexpected impression on the viewer. This approach, combined with the texture of its characteristic brushstroke, allow to enjoy contemplating the picture endlessly, opening up new color and semantic accents.

Anastasia Kraineva is a participant of various Ukrainian and international exhibitions and open air. Her works are in galleries and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

The author works iin the “impasto” technique where thick, juicy paint on the canvas is used. This way of the image creating originates from the Impressionists. It is help to convey the story emotionally, using color spots, mixing colors directly on the canvas. Such prominent artists as Edgar Degas and Vincent Van Gogh turned to this technique in their work.

Thinking not by lines but by voluminous colored forms Anastasia Kraineva creates her own romantic version of the world’s vision, nature, and the person in it. In her solo exhibition VOLUME OF COLOR these life-affirming, full of love for life and hope for future motives are heard especially.

Information partners of the exhibition: Joy, Domus Design, Elite World, What's on, NM House, Деньги Плюс.

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