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Personal exhibition of paintings by Andrei Figol

On December 16 the joint project of LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY and KAN Development ART HALL will be the opened. Leonora Yanko, gallery director, art critic and curator comments: "We borrowed this idea from our international experience. In the elite houses of Manhattan, Berlin, etc. it has become a tradition to open internal art-zones, as well as own galleries with art works. The classic gallery space strives to leave the viewer alone with the art object, whereas such projects reflect the interaction of the modern world's reality with collectible art objects."

The first presentation of the project will take place in Tetris Hall and will be opened with a personal exhibition of paintings by Andrey Figol. He is one of the iconic impressionism representatives, known throughout the world. Andrey Figol’s works are in the collections of Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Canada, USA, Japan, Turkey, etc. This personal exhibition will be the first for a long time of the artist's work for other countries. During the project's preparation a number of his works complemented the collections of Ukrainian connoisseurs.

Andrei Figola is an unrivaled master of the impressionistic landscape. His artworks devoid of statics and tranquility as if it’s life itself imprinted by means of colors. A volume author's brushstroke, juiciness of color, dynamics of composition allow to convey the fleeting mood of nature, sensitively convey the transience and variability of the moment.

The author works in the “impasto” technique where thick, juicy paint on the canvas is used. This way of the image creating originates from the Impressionists. It is help to convey the story emotionally, using color spots, mixing colors directly on the canvas. Such prominent artists as Edgar Degas and Vincent Van Gogh turned to this technique in their work.

The representative of KAN DEVELOPMENT Anna Popruga says: "High aspirations and achievements are not possible without inspiration. And we are always ready to do our best to beauty and comfort in our clients' lives. This was the impetus for the creation of a joint project with Lera Litvinova Gallery".

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