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The Grand Opening of the personal exhibition by Kata Rudakova "The portrait of femininity"

On June 22 the exhibition by Kata Rudakova called “The portrait of femininity” took place in the art space Lera Litvinova Gallery.The art gallery is known by significant projects not only in Ukraine but also in Germany, Belgium, United States and other countries and is successfully representing the works by modern talented Ukrainian artists.

Among the guests, who visited the exhibition, were Ukrainian TV hostesses, journalists from paper press, bloggers, Ukrainian and foreign artists, collectors and contemporary art lovers, During the opening all presented had a possibility to enjoy art, observe the works,communicate with the artist in the warm atmosphere. The performance by the theatre “The white crow” complemented the general atmosphere combining art works.

The main idea of the exhibition is to reflect a gentle, feminine and simultaneously strong image in a combination of modern and classical art.Internalizing all kindness and tenderness, searching for an outpouring of delicacy and gentleness, the artist creates a portrait of femininity. The artist skillfully depicted the beauty of women’s body and delicacy of forms, combining in her images calmness and shadows of intimacy.

Kata Rudakova since 2013 is the member of Ukrainian painter association. She is distinguished by her projects with UNESCO in Romania as well as by her exhibitions in Paris and participation in the international plein-airs in Slovakia, Lithuania, France, Belarus and Romania.

The curator of the project Leonora Yanko, art historian, art manager and the Director of Lera Litvinova Gallery says: “Kata Rudakova In her works skillfully depicts femininity on both physical and mental levels, revealing sincerity and ingenuousness of woman’s nature. These are delicate silhouettes and true feeling, frankness and penchant, vibrant colors and veil of intimacy”.

The special guest of the exhibition was Valentina Malik, the regional representative of the international franсhising network The center of emotional health “Amograce”. Valentina says: "The main reason why art exists is to let people touch the beauty, look at the world differently and deepen in the eternal truth"

Andriy Kravets, managing partner of the company K & K LAW COMPANY, who is the official sponsor of the event claims: “We always support talented artists, who are reviving the connection between people and art, existing in the very essence of things as in one’s element and striving to paint reality into vibrant colors”

The exhibition runs till 8th of July

Free entrance

Address: 47, Zvirynetska st., Kyiv, 01014, Ukraine

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