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Upcoming exhibition by Natalia Papirna "Bodyline" at Lera litvinova Gallery

We are thrilled to present a large-scale project of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Papirna on August 9, who became a part of history not only in Ukraine but in the whole world. Her works contemplate the collections of museums in Germany, Macedonia, Poland, some of the paintings were also purchased by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Lera Litvinova Gallery. Natalia Papirna Exhibition

Natalia Papirna "The Bodyline"

Natalia Papirna has been a member of the Union of Artists since 1990. Between 1991 and 1997 her works were showcased at the exhibitions in Los Angeles, Lilly, Baltimore, London, Auckland, Nuremberg and others cities. Natalia created own artistic system, in which her works are of a completely different character and style, but at the same time, they keep a unique technique of the artist. The "Body Line" will feature new works from the "Mechanisms" series, which Lera Litvinova Gallery presented in Berlin, Brussels and New York in 2017, as well as canvases from other series.

Natalia Papirna "Aprentators"/ canvas,oil / 90x90 / 2018

Galina Shabshai, the Director of Shabshai Upgrade System Director and a member of International Association of Anne-Typology IEA (Calif.) emotionally describes one of the most remarkable works of the artist, a triptych from the "Mechanisms" series. "First what comes to my mind, when looking at this incredible work of the artist, is a famous saying by Archimedes .Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth. Here is the Power and Majesty of the god of the time Chronos, and the Will of man, who manages the unshakable mechanism of time. Painting is not just a part of the interior, it is a part of the author's soul. It inspires, makes you full of joy and happiness, it gives you time to think about the important things and retreat into yourself, it reveals the creative side of the soul and makes it dream. The triptych radiates life-affirming power, the power of the Will of man, the Spirit, and inexhaustible Intent. All this creates a mood of a warrior. He can sadden the moment and go to eternity."

Natalia Papirna "Time is running,triptych"/ canvas,oil / 80x180 / 2017

Leonora Yanko, a curator of the project, art critic, art manager and the director of Lera Litvinova Gallery, says: "Natalia Papirna is an Honored Artist of Ukraine, a winner of the International Painting Competition" SEETAL-2006 "(Switzerland), a member of the Academy of Arts of New Zealand. We are very pleased to present the exhibition of such a significant author as Natalia Papirna."

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