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LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY opened exhibition Morning Elegance curated by Leonora Yanko

Opening of a personal exhibition of Daniel Kozeletskiy called “Morning Elegance” was held at the new art space - Lera Litvinova Gallery.

Opening was held in a coffee party style. On a winter evening, looking at the collecting series of artist’s works with the pictures of gracefully sleeping women, warmed with the aroma of coffee, guests were thinking about the eternal aspiration of the beauty in all its expressions.

The exposition “Morning Elegance” consists of 12 works, which are united by one idea. In a splash of color, the author portrayed women who have fallen asleep and stay in their own subconscious. The artist’s sketches have also been added to the exhibition, making it possible to trace the entire process of the creating of the painting, from a sketch to a work of art.

The paintings presented in the exposition are filled with light and contrast of morning colors, a complex eastern ornament is associated with the lace of fancy morning shadows. In a sleep, people are who they are supposed to be by nature - without any masks and games. That’s a pure subconscious, a soul in a beautiful, perfect body.

The project curator, Leonora Yanko, says that the paintings of the author are symbolic, for example, despite the fact that the central image is surrounded by colorful patterns, the uncolored female body indicates on the purity and defenselessness of the soul. According to Kozeletskiy, such an artistic method allows to depict harmony and perfection. A colorful background, full of stray patterns and bright colors, was created only to emphasize the purity, as well as to show the brightness of dreams and temptations that surround us in everyday life. After all, everything that exists around is shimmering with colors of desires and illusions.

The exhibition is open till February, 6. The gallery works from 12 noon to 7 pm every day except Sunday and Monday.

Adress: Kyiv, Naberezhno-Rybalska St, 3, 9. Rybalsky Residentional Neighbourhood.

Free entrance.

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