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Alternative. Ukraine: Reality and Future in Mauermuseum am CheckPoint Charlie

Opening of the exhibition that took place on June 26, 2014, attracted the attention of journalists, political and business elite of Germany, the event was visited by a member of the Deutscher Bundestag Dr. Karl-Heinz Brunner, journalist Tomas Kittan, Dr. Phil. Habil. Hartmut Salzwedel, representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany Miris Oleg and Irina Petrun'ko.

The exhibition was supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, the project partners were "the first exchange of intellectual products", legal-consulting company "Zion", represented by the Director of the Company Ryazanova Natalia and advertising agency "Jasper".

Each guest will be able to see Berlin Ukrainian exhibition that will reside in the museum MAUERMUSEUM - MUSEUM HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE.

According to gallerist J. Grether Leonora Janko: "The theme of the exhibition Alternative. Ukraine: Reality and Future was the struggle for democratic freedoms in Ukraine, thirst for justice and peace, the unique phenomenon of "Maydan", which has now become understandable without translation in any country of the world. Participants of the exhibition, photographs, paintings, installations, interpret the situation in our country and are in art dialogue on creation, love of neighbor, patriotism and dedication in the battle, the life and work. "

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