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Lera Litvinova, Semen Shcherbyna, Anna Kryvolap, Olga Glumcher, Johnny Crack, Alina Gaeva, Valeia Ta

On October 12, was held the Grand opening of the unique art project «Saturato», organized by creative interior and furniture studio Сappuccino together with Lera Litvinova Gallery.

All the guests had the opportunity to enjoy a combination of modern interior solutions with art-works. Unexpected design ideas found the expression in a curators experiment, who presented works of young artists, such as:

Lera Litvinova, Semen Shcherbyna, Anna Kryvolap, Olga Glumcher, Johnny Crack, Alina Gaeva, Valeia Tarasenko, Olena Shybunova, Olga Antonova, Julia Zaharova, Anna Bitaeva, Olena Pronkina, Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk, Uliana Nesheva.

Leonora Yanko, Director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery and curator of the project, together with Director of the creative space Сappuccino Larysa Stasiuk, were intended to show how to combine modern interior with favorite classic painting , or vice versa , to fit the classic interior with works of the conceptual authors. Such example is extremely important for the cultural life of Kiev, because it makes the artist's work an integral part of human life, and each day becomes extraordinary.

«Saturato» - a project that unites the beauty of the various activity spheres in order to bring a moment of joy, a flash of passion, a sense of life enjoying. Each piece of art speaks to the audience, it tells an interesting story over a cup of warm coffee. Each piece of art is perfectly mixed with interior of the creative loft.

Art exhibition Saturato gathered under one roof representatives from different artistic areas: designers, architects and artists, their inspiring communication created an unforgettable atmosphere. Also the exhibition was attended by known collectors, artists, contemporary art connoisseurs and representatives of media.

The young singer Sh Ell brought a warm cheer of event, she performed several acoustic songs. At the end of the evening the raffle became a pleasant surprise, absolutely all of the guests took part in it!

This fall, you can warm up and release your true emotions! During the clear and cool day you need to feel the power of color, fill yourself with a new energy of art and receive a charge for the upcoming winter.You can have it all at the Saturato project! Be the one who visit this fascinating project!

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