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The Grand opening of the LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY and an exhibition “Virgo”

On August 17, a Grand opening of the art space LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY took place. It included a private preview of the unique sculpture and art exhibition “Virgo”.

Among the project’s participants are the renowned collectible artist Lera Litvinova, the founder and author of the idea to set up a unique art space, as well as notable modern sculptors Mykyta and Egor Zigura, whose works are well-known among Ukrainian art lovers.

The idea of the Gallery’s Director, Leonora Yanko, is to create a peculiar environment of unity of soul and body, the individual and cosmos, nature and progress. Gala event was a combination of various art forms, which brought all guests closer to the eternal and ethereal.

Opera diva Anastasia Derun absolutely astounded the guests of the exhibition with her brilliant performance. She brought genuine enjoyment to observing exquisite art pieces accompanied by magnificent opera arias.

In honor of the grand opening, Lera Litvinova donated one of her art works titled “Enigma” to the auction organized by the Charitable Foundation “Ribbon of Hope”. The Foundation Director Yuriy Pogrebnyak and its founder Oleksiy Koshevets were present at the exhibition. The latter gave a speech.

The actress of the theater studio “White Crow” interpreted mysterious image of “Virgo”, the muse that mesmerized the guests with her grace. Her performance was a portal of sorts, between the mundane world and energetic works of the artists.

The United States Embassy representative Omar Cardentey, as well as prominent collectors, modern art lovers, artists and journalists – all honored exhibition organizers with their presence.

Translation Bureau “English Channel” assisted with quality international communication. The company founder Natalia Pavliuk was also present at the opening.

Virgo is a harmonious tandem of abstract landscape on canvas and atmospheric sculpture. These art pieces reflect each other’s mood, give excitement and thrill of the unknown, birth of new hopes and clear thoughts.

Despite being only opened recently, the LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY team has an experience of organizing massive projects both in Ukraine and abroad. Therefore the scale and their fresh approach to the organization of such event pleasantly surprised the guests and media representatives.

An art video was filmed during the preparation for the exhibition, where Lera Litvinova played the main heroine Virgo. For a month Kyiv residents and visitors have had a chance to enjoy it on the screens around the city. The organizers informed that the Virgo video shot by the photo studio PHOTO7 was invited for participation in a film festival.

The whole evening was accompanied with inspiring music provided by soundman Anatoll Soul. The celebration ended with a pleasant surprise – the performance by a young singer Sh Ell.

Project “Virgo” is a creative attempt at recreating a perfect balance of being, which you have a chance to experience until September 18.

Café “Varenye” was the sweet sponsor of the event; they created a range of art cocktails specifically for the event. Exquisite drinks from “Villa Krim” completed the atmosphere of the evening.

The organizers also express their gratitude to the car showroom “Acura Center Kyiv”.

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