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The first exhibition of contemporary art "Time" was opened by Leonora Yanko and Lera Litvi

On September 2 Gala private introductory viewing of the first unique contemporary art exhibition "Time" was held at the "Golden Gate" museum under the auspices of the LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY.

The visitors of the exhibition had a chance to become inspired by the works of Honoured Artist of Ukraine Valeriy Franchuk, a famous artist Lera Litvinova, whose artworks are permanently exhibited in the Museum of Berlin and were viewed within the frameworks of many European cultural projects, young contemporary writers Kata Rudakova and Alina Gaeva, photographers Olena and Taras Sherenhovski. Nikita Zigura, a talented sculptor whose works can be seen on the streets of Kyiv, has introduced a unique hanging sculpture "Galaxy" for the first time in Ukraine.

The aim of the project supervisor, Leonora Yanko, was to combine the Golden Gate, a place of historical and cultural fame, with contemporary art, creating a tandem of the actual values ​​of the past and present. For, a modern developed country is reflected not only in popular and historical sites and monuments, but in works of contemporary artists recognized both within the country and abroad; the artists who are now ambassadors of culture and high values. They are the ones who are shaping the history and the cultural image of the country in our full view.

The opening ceremony was attended by diplomats, representatives of various embassies and consulates. Among them, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait, President of the BUCC, representatives of the embassies of the US, Israel, Armenia and Ireland honoured the organizers of the exhibition by their presence. Also the exhibition was attended by known collectors, artists, contemporary art connoisseurs and representatives of media.

The curator of the "Time" project Leonora Yanko united hieratic Ukrainian authors working in different directions, combining painting, sculpture and professional photo into a single concept. Guests were able to enjoy this combination accompanied by ethereal voice of opera diva Anastasia Derun.

Project organizers express gratitude to "ViDi-Power", the official dealer of JAGUAR premium-automobiles, who became the general partner of the event. During its' long history, Jaguar Cars conquered almost all countries and continents, giving its owners exciting adventures, confidence in any situation and indeed a new dimension of speed. A new krossover JAGUAR F-PACE introduced during the opening, became a real sensation.

The delicious catering was provided by "Vareniye" cafes that are opening in the renewed format in September, and drinks from «VillaKrim» TM helped to create the exquisite atmosphere of the evening.

The "Time" exhibition sets forth the philosophy of social changes, interaction and relationship between the past, present and future. Time is swift-flowing and brings many changes, that's why supervisor Leonora Yanko decided to make this project dynamic, and you will be able to observe some changes in exhibition up to November 30! Watch for announcements!

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