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Spring exhibition of paintings «Ver Novum» by Anastasia Kraineva in Lera Litvinova Gallery.

On March 16 at 18.30 , Lera Litvinova Gallery will be the host of the Grand opening of a new impressive exhibition of paintings by Anastasia Kraineva «Ver Novum».

What the coming of spring looks like? New hopes give a pleasant emotions, heart and flowers are blooming and you can feel the harmony in the air. Nights are warmer then ever, days bring the joy and a lot of inspiration. A person does not need a calendar to feel it - spring ...

Ver Novum - is awakening from a winter sleep, the feeling that inspired Anastasia Kraineva to dedicate a series of works to this beautiful time of a year. The color spots and marks of the brush give a feeling of absolute joy and pleasure of life. In the artist’s paintings figurative images appear and dissolve into abstraction that makes an unexpected impression on the viewer.

Anastasia Kraineva participated in various Ukrainian and international exhibitions and plein airs. Her works are kept in galleries and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. Working in the “impasto” technique, which uses thick, juicy paint on the canvas, giving her works a striking effect that immediately grabs all the attention from beginning to end. Such prominent artists as Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse turned to this technique in the past. Using their experience, Anastasia has invented her own unique style.

This artist is extremely connected with colors. She borrows them from the nature, charging them with energy and manifests in her art. The artist thinks without lines, but with color planes, it creates a nearly complete version of the world that surrounds us.

Leonora Yanko, Director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery, said: "It is so important to find the strength to dream and to go on despite all the obstacles. No matter what the age, sex or social position is, the works by Anastasia Kraineva can find the main response in the minds of people. Excitement and peace – that is the dream of every human being... "

With Ver Novum you can start something new, because spring is the perfect time to be alive! Do not forget to come and get inspiration in Lera Litvinova Gallery. Organizers promise true atmosphere of spring holidays!

Also, the Lera Livinova Gallery will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their partner - auto-salon “Acura Center Kiev”. Guests can take the free car test drive.

Also, in the Lera Litvinova Gallery you may see the works by other famous authors such as Johnny Crack, Lera Litvinova, Natalia Papirna, Oleksiy Kulakov, Leonid Zaborowskiy, Valeriy Franchuk, Olga Glumcher, Kata Rudakova, Sergiy Piskunov, Reana Malevich, Valeria Tarasenko, Alina Gaeva, Sasha Q, Anna Vasilyeva, Semen Shcherbyna, Olena Pronkina, Natalia Korf- Ivanyuk, Oleksiy Ivanyuk, Les Panchyshyn, Anna Kryvolap, Anton Hudzikevych, Uliana Nesheva, Volodymyr Chirkov.

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