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KUNSTAUSSTELLUNG / EXHIBITION «Mapping. Ukraine» 24/08/2015

The grand opening of the contemporary art exhibition will be held on the 24 of August in the gallery Town Hall of Rathaus (Berlin) with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany.

“The project by Lera Litvinova is unique extraordinary combination of authors. The curator combined work of Honored Artist of Ukraine and conceptual works, which in itself is a challenge.

The exhibition forms the integral perception of the events in Ukraine and has not only cultural but also historical significance”, — Leonora Yanko, art historian, director of the art center of J. Grether and art gallery “Manufactura”.

Curator of the project “Mapping. Ukraine”, the artist Lera Litvinova says: “The way forward is always marked by the complexity and the need to overcome all sorts of obstacles, transformation of consciousness. The main objective of the project was to build a bridge between the present and future projections of Ukraine”.

Participants of the project: artists Valeriy Franchuk, Natalia Papirna, Oleksiy Kulakov, Leonid Zaborovski, Anton Gudzikevich, Oleg Radvan, Lera Litvinova, Tetiana Vasilenko, Adriana Galetska; photographers Ivan Bogdan and Tetiana Latanskaya; sculptor Anna Voloshko.

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