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Exhibition: AZone. Berlin, Germany was visited by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

The exhibition «AZone» is a landmark in the dialogue with the European community, it is devoted to the events on the «Maidan» and in the area of the ATO. «AZone» reveals the dynamics of the struggle for democracy and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The project provided artifacts from the area of the ATO, which showed Europe how urgent and serious is situation in Ukraine. This is the second project to Lera Litvinova with MUSEUM HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE, which is one of the hundred best museums in the world.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his working visit to Germany, visited the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the day before the official opening of the exhibition. The press conference was attended by 08.25.2015 the German and Ukrainian media is actively involved in the dialogue and other activists, which makes it possible to highlight the most happening in the country.

he exhibition presents the work of artists: Honored Artist of Ukraine Nataly Papirna, the young artist Adriana Galetska, unique author Oleg Radwan. A separate scale area photographers were presented: Photo about ATO of professional photographer, volunteer Ivan Bogdan and peaceful Carpathian landscapes of young photographer Tatiana Latanska. They showed the contrast Ukrainian paints from life in the light and harmony to which so anxious, believes and hopes the Ukrainian people, to “dark” the realities of ATO, absorbing everything in its path.

Also, on display you can see not only pictures of the revolution at «Maidan», photos of ATO and Ukrainian symbols, including the battle flag of the 95th Brigade, attributes Revolution dignity, such as helmets, photos activists and the military, and motivational posters, drawings of children for military and more.

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