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Lera Litvinova open Art Exhibition Placidity in Central House of the Artist

On July 20 at 19.30 in Central House of the Artist the Lera Litvinova’s personal exhibition "Placidity" will be opened. Very soon the author, who have recently successfully presented her works in New York, will present her new project in Kiev.

The name of the exhibition "Placidity" - from the lat. "Serenity" - is not chosen by chance. This is not only the name of one of Lera Litvinova works - this is the state that translates her works.

Meditative author works will create a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility. In the author's paintings there is a reflection of the summer calm and the theme of immersion in oneself ... deeply, slowly, with pleasure.

Lera Litvinova's abstract landscapes are a welcome calm in the sea of raging anxieties and emotions, and the alluring mystery of searching for eternal harmony.

The artist catches the history of the moment, reveals the nature of the fleeting instant, prompts to experience the universe in a minute ... Her works are filled with pristine purity and tenderness. Contemplation of these paintings is like meditation, which brings a slight whisper of sea waves, a floral scent of warm summer air, a sunset under the cradle of cicadas and a dawn full of hope ...

Litvinova's works were acquired for the permanent exposition of the Berlin Museum, took part in many projects in Brussels, Berlin, Luxembourg, Bruges and others. The artist's paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hong Kong, etc.

"Art is outside politics, outside the economy and outside the framework. We choose the context ourselves, we determine the importance of what is before us, ask questions and look for answers. Art unites humanity in the movement of thought, regardless of the evaluation of each. This is the value of the artist's work, "- says Lera Litvinova.

We invite you to enjoy the feeling of serenity and harmony at the opening of the exhibition "Placidity" on July 20 at 19:00.

Address: Sichovyh Stril'civ, 1, Central House of the Artist.

From 11.00 to 19.00. Free entrance.

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