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Art exhibition SUMMER.INSIGHT by Yury Shapoval in Lera Litvinova Gallery.

On July 5 at 17:30 will be held the Grand opening of a new exhibition Summer. Insight. It will be a special project with an unusual, juicy and incredibly emotional at the same time, spiritually filled painting. The idea of ​​the organizers is to help guests to feel freshness in this summer hot days.

All the paintings belong to the young Poltava artist Yuri Shapoval. The curator of the project Leonora Yanko comments that the most beautiful cities of Europe and our country inspired the artist: "We have selected exquisite, contrasting, summer landscapes and refreshing and cool landscapes as well. In addition, our guests will be the first to see new Yuri Shapoval paintings from the series Vibration.

The exhibition Summer. Insight calls to turn off the rationality and start to enjoy: the autumn freshness of the morning in Venice, the invigorating frost of the winter Poltava dawn, the silence of the spring Viennese night, and of course the tenderness of the summer sun in different cities of Europe and Ukraine.

It is a refreshing breeze in the hot noon, the smell of wet leaves after the rain, a feeling of snowflakes on the skin. This is a frank dialogue with oneself, when loneliness gives freedom, not sadness. It is a joy to be able to see and feel, it is inviting to leave vanity and make the most important journey – traveling within yourself.

Landscape has always been one of the most elegant genres that developed and lived its own special life. He remains changeable and flexible, acquiring in the paintings of classics and contemporaries the Impressionism of Claude Monet works, the seascapes of Ivan Aivazovsky, the monochrome palette and the depth of Jan van Goyen.

Yuri Shapoval prefers plein air. Thanks to this method of writing, the features of changing colors and light, the uniqueness of the atmosphere are imprinted in his works. But the author admits it is also the difficulty: you can paint only a few hours a day, because the light changes. The mood of the paintings are very original, which is immediately transmitted to the public.

Curators of the exhibition Summer. Insight prepare a special program for the opening: the young opera diva Anastasia Derun, who has just returned to Ukraine from the tour, will be glad to again share her talent and plunge guests into an atmosphere of celebration.

Everyone who wants to hear their own inner voice and enjoy the beauty of the moment are welcome to the exhibition Summer. Insight starting July 5, 2017.

Address: Kiltseva Avenue, 14; territory of auto-salon Acura Center Kiev

From 10.00 until 19.00. Free entrance.

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