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LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY present: project 1/5 dedicated to the Anniversary of the gallery

On September 14 at 17:00 the exhibition 1/5 will be the opened. It is dedicated to the Anniversary of Lera Litvinova Gallery. 1/5 is a very special project which has no analogues. It is the attempt to see the future of the country through the analysis of contemporary art.

"Almost one fifth of the century has passed. We set a goal to analyze Ukrainian art. The exhibition contains works by more than 14 successful authors who dynamically develop at the beginning of the century" - comments Leonora Yanko director of Lera Litvinova Gallery.

There are Alexey Ivanyuk’s and Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk’s landscapes which are warmed by human presence without an aggressive invasion due to subtle details. The exhibition contains amazingly expressive and emotionally tense, distinguished dynamic form and boldness of color decision Alina Gayeva's artworks. There are interesting hyper-realistic works by Sergei Piskunov in 1/5. Also guests will see paintings by Sergej Zavgorodnyj, Olga Glumcher, Valeria Tarasenko, Anton Gudzikevich, and others.

The themes of their artworks, the emotional component and the main questions that the authors ask unmistakably indicate the direction of development of our society as a whole. Art is a subtle, sensual representation of reality and one of the forms of social consciousness. Artists often anticipate future events, anticipate changes.

The founder of the brand of fruit in chocolate and handmade candy MagNut, director of private enterprise "Antares-7" Vadim Lutsky says: «Art is a big part of our life. Lera Litvinova Gallery founders bring professional and international experience to the Ukraine. The MagNut brand do the same. We bring people the essence of the professionalism and taste. This is an important reason for our support of the 1/5 Lera Litvinova Gallery project».

Today in Ukraine art goes beyond the galleries and art spaces. It surrounds us in a direct or indirect form. And at the same time it has never been so expertly concealed under the thick growing information layer.

Into the 21st century Ukraine entered on the peak of glut. And now, when this stage of indiscriminate consumerism imperceptibly comes to the end, people learn with the thoroughness of the chef to select the best products for their mind, body and soul. The question of this choice can be traced in many works of modern successful authors.

Artists bring up the topic of time and emphasize that it is impossible to deceive it but to understand and to make it work for yourself is necessary. They search for the vector of their development, try to approach their destination and they invite the viewer to these reflections.

1/5 is much deeper than the usual art review. This is a question for ourselves and others: what kind of person does our time require - the ideal creator or ideal consumer, what needs to be changed today in order to achieve the desired future, what each concrete person can bring to his life and by his life ...

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