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Grand Opening of new art space with Exhibition "Anthropology"

On June 7 at 18.00 LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY presents the official Grand opening of the new art space. The contemporary art gallery, known by significant projects in Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, United States is delighted to invite guests to new location in the very center of the city.

The art space will start its work with exhibition "Anthropology". The curator of the project Leonora Yanko, art historian, art manager and Director of Lera Litvinova Gallery says: "The ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras said that man is the measure of all things, this is the unity of the soul and body in person. Our project shows the whole controversy of human nature, the complexity of the real conditions of existence on earth, the natural necessity and absolute value. Today, reflecting the doctrines of past centuries, artists state the deep irrationality of the individual, the natural craving of wellness, happiness and harmony ..."

Anthropology is the crystallization of philosophical understanding of a Person from the very beginning of basic ideas, images, concepts that are laid in people on a cultural level. This is an artistic attempt to display the signs of each individual that are not borrowed or repeated, which can not disappear or change. This is something indescribable that remains with the Person despite all life circumstances; the personal code of each person, which is preserved during the epochs.

The gallery space is divided into zones, which display such topics as "environment", "civilization and religion", "self-identification". More than 20 artists are represented at the project: Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Papirna, Anna Voloshko, Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk, Olexiy Ivanyuk, Yuliya Polyakova, Alla Volobuyeva, Anastasia Kraineva, Yury Shapoval, Alina Gaeva, Lera Litvinova, Semen Shcherbyna, Yulia Poruchik, Astian Ray, Sergey Zatonsky, Olena Pronkina, Sergeiy Piskunov, Anton Gudzykevych, Tatyana Shimko, Eugeniy Shapovalov, Danylo Kozeleckiy, Daria Ivaschenko, Evgenia Ivashchuk, Kata Rudakova, Andriy Figol, Vasyl Zhyrov, Artem Andriychuk (Kaffelman), Tetyana Cherevan.

The official sponsor of the event is the legal company K & K LAW COMPANY. "Each art work is the result of a creative act which includes the mind's consciousness and strength and forms inalienable attribute of each person - the spirituality" says Andriy Kravets, managing partner of K & K LAW COMPANY.

"Art is an essential part for every person, which is laid in us on the subconscious level. Numerous studies show that art treats, inspires, empowers in different situations. Supporting art project "Anthropology" means a step forward to positive changes in society "- Galina Shabshai, Director of Shabshai Upgrade System, member of International Association of Anne-typology IEA (California).

The meeting with artists and curators for media representatives starts at 5 PM

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