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Opening of personal exhibition by Andrei Figol "Landscape paintings from private collection&quo

On July 12 at 18.00 Lera Litvinova Gallery presents Andriy Figol’s personal exhibition of landscape paintings from private collection. Lera Litvinova Gallery holds exhibitions of contemporary Ukrainian artists and arranges various art projects in Ukraine and abroad. The main goal of the gallery is to acquaint people with the creativity of contemporary artists and their vision of the world in a changing society. [endif]

Andrei Figol is a representative of impressionism, a master of landscape. His paintings complement collections of art admirers from different parts of the world, including the USA, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Canada and Ukraine. Gallery presents Figol‘s paintings particularly from private collections, some of them are available for purchase. Also, the exhibition includes author‘s new works.

Observing nature, the artist depicts it in his works through reproducing personal impressions and putting emotions into each smear of paint, which you can feel at first glance at the paintings. The artist skillfully conveys the transience of nature and the variability of light effects. He puts a piece of his mood into every artwork, expressing his picturesque perception. The works of Figol are calming and pacificating, they bring viewers' attention to the harmonious relationship between the inner world of human and the surrounding landscape. [endif]

Leonora Yanko, curator of the project, art historian, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery notes: "Each work is an incredible reflection of the familiar landscapes that surround us every day. But here you look from a different angle, realizing that you don’t always notice the aesthetics of the nature; sometimes you perceive it as something ordinary and forget to stop just for a second and enjoy a moment of beauty".

[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]"It is always interesting to observe how an artist conveys his own worldview through paint. For me, every exhibition is a new look at already existing things, it is a search for new ways and generating inspiration. "- Galina Shabshay, director of Shabshai Upgrade System, member of the International Association of -typology IEA (California). The managing partner of the firm K & K LAW COMPANY, who is the official sponsor of the event, Andrey Kravets, says: "We appreciate art for its versatility. Sometimes you want to break your head over the ideas of the author and look for answers, and sometimes - just enjoy beautiful works and forget about the present." [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif] [endif]

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