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Personal Exhibition by Semen Shcherbyna "Landscape.Ukraine" opens on August 2 at Lera Litv

Lera Litvinova Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition by Semen Shcherbyna on August 2 at 18:00 “Landscape. Ukraine”. The contemporary art space is aiming to acquaint art lovers with the creativity of contemporary Ukrainian artists and arranges various art projects and exhibitions in both Ukraine and abroad.

Semen Shcherbyna "Dream of Amsterdam"/acrylic canvas/ 100x90,2015

Semen Scherbina worthily represents Ukraine in the international arena. His works complement collections of art lovers from Denmark, Italy, Sweden and other countries. The early period of the artist's work is characterized by realistic works, at that time he also was known as an icon-painter. As he evolved and transformed, Shcherbyna sought new meanings for his creativity and found them in conjunction with landscape and portrait in an abstract manner.

Semen Shcherbyna "Flowers of sun"/acrylic canvas/ 100x150,2015

Now the author works in the genre of abstract painting and depicts the world, listening to his feelings and emotions. Semen Shcherbyna uses paints, shapes, lines, and textures that are difficult to imagine separately, but they come to life on his canvas and create harmonious combinations. The works are thoroughly modified by the subconscious and fantasy of the artist, but at the same time they allow each spectator to perceive the painted differently. The author's paintings are dynamic and ambiguous.

Semen Shcherbyna "Winter mood"/acrylic canvas/ 100x150,2015

The curator of the project is Leonora Yanko, art critic, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery. She notes: "Abstract art gives the artist the opportunity to experiment, use original creative techniques and artistic expression. Versatile ideas are embodied in reality with the help of abstract forms, lines, shapes which are combined with color and allow the artist to convey their inner state."

Semen Shcherbyna "Smell of autumn"/acrylic canvas/ 100x150,2015

"Each canvas carries a certain mood, laid by the author. Art is an amazing thing that allows you to express and receive emotions," - said Galina Shabshay, the director of Shabshai Upgrade System, a member of the International Association of Anne-typology IEA (California).

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