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New exhibition by Semen Shcherbyna "Landscape.Ukraine" was opened at Lera Litvinova Galler

On August 2 the art space Lera Litvinova Gallery opened a personal exhibition by Semen Shcherbyna "Landscape. Ukraine". The gallery aims to make art lovers acquainted with the works of contemporary Ukrainian artists. It also arranges significant art projects and incredible exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

Semen Shcherbyna and Leonora Yanko

A plenty of journalists from Ukrainian publishing houses, popular bloggers, Ukrainian and foreign artists, collectors and connoisseurs of contemporary art came to the opening. The guests spent their evening in a pleasant atmosphere, observing paintings and talking with the founder of the gallery Lera Litvinova and the director Leonora Yanko. The author was also present at the exhibition and shared with guest all hidden sense depicted on the canvases.

At the exhibition opening by Semen Shcherbyna

The artworks by Semen Shcherbyna complement collections of art lovers from Denmark, Italy, Sweden and other countries. The author uses colors, shapes, lines and textures that are hard to imagine separate, but on the canvases they come to life, creating harmonious combinations. The paintings are thoroughly modified by artist’s sub consciousness and fantasy, but at the same time they allow each spectator to perceive them in a different way.

Semen Shcherbyna and Lera Litvinova

The curator of the project is Leonora Yanko, art critic, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery. She underlines: "Abstract art gives the artist an opportunity to experiment, to use original techniques and artistic expression. Versatile ideas are embodied in reality with the help of abstract forms, lines, shapes which are combined with color and allow the artist to convey his inner state."

At the exhibition opening by Semen Shcherbyna

A special guest of the exhibition Galina Shabshai, Director of Shabshai Upgrade System, a member of the International Association of Anne-typology IEA (California) claims: "Each canvas carries a certain mood, laid by the author. Art is an amazing thing that allows you to express and receive emotions."

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