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New project of contemporary art "Perfectionism"

A grand project of contemporary art "Perfectionism" takes place in the TV center "Karandash." It runs from August 20 to September 20.This project is being conducted on the initiative of Lera Litvinova Gallery, along with the creative space of the head office of the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine UA: HUB. Lera Litvinova Gallery was founded with the aim of promoting the works of Ukrainian artists. In addition to the stationary exhibitions, the gallery implements art projects both abroad and in Ukraine in museums and other locations.

Art project "Perfectionism" by Lera Litvinova Gallery and TV center "Karandash"

Art project "Perfectionism"

"The opening of the exhibition "Perfectionism" is an important event for the creative space UA.HUB. The space is daily opened, has a free entrance and also unites reading room, lecture hall, television museum and coworking. Since now the contemporary art works will be also available to our visitors. We are totally sure, that artistic meetings and dialogues are an integral factor in the popularization of contemporary art. This is a key principle of the Public Broadcaster to talk about the difficult things in layman’s terms. "- notes the Head of Internal Communications, a coordinator of the UA: HUB Irina Zhukovskaya.

Art project "Perfectionism" by Lera Litvinova Gallery and TV center "Karandash"

Art project "Perfectionism"

The project "Perfectionism" includes works by more than 20 contemporary Ukrainian artists; among them are Yuri Shapoval, Sergey Piskunov, Alina Gaeva, Semen Shcherbyna,Olga Selyshcheva,

Lera Litvinova, Alla Volobueva,Elena Pronkin, Yulia Polyakova. In addition, the exhibition will also feature paintings by a German artist Johnny Crack. The organizers of the exhibition maintain that in the time of modern technologies and the aspiration of man toward progress, of large amount of information on self-education and personal development, the question is whether we are really getting better?

Sergej Peskunov "Brunette" /canvas, oil / 110х130 / 2015

Sergej Peskunov "Brunette" /canvas, oil / 2015

The exhibition "Perfectionism" is an artistic study of how human beings are constantly trying to become perfect in the modern world. What does really prevail in either loyalty to traditions or the pursuit to something new and progressive? Or sublimation of these concepts? Each spectator will find a certain emotional answer in artworks featured on the exhibition. It will get inspired everyone by thoughts of artists and give an opportunity to share own thoughts with artists and curators. The scale of the project is emphasized even by the size of the works, which are from 1.20 m to 3 m. During the project the art display will be complemented by new art objects. The organizers are also going to arrange creative lectures, dialogues and art meetings.

Alina Gaieva "Inequality" / expanded polystyrene, acrycil / 2016

The curator of the project, Leonora Yanko, art historian, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery, says: "We strive not only to introduce works by significant painters, but also to share certain

observations about the attempts of modern society to improve and progress. The project "Perfectionism" is an impetus for reflection and rethinking of modern priorities and regularities of the present." Lera Litvinova, the artist and ideologist of the project notes: "There is always a sense and an idea in every art, that gives the artist the opportunity to share his point of view, emotions and beliefs with

spectators. The artist encourages viewers to engage in reflections and search for the truth without words, only through own creativity. That is why it is so important for our art space to present projects that make people look at the concepts already established in another vein."

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