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Exclusive interview with artist Evgeniy Shapovalov

Art-space Lera Litvinova Gallery presented a personal exhibition by Eugeniy Shapovalov in a new cozy place in the very center of Kiev at the address Evgen Gutsalo Lane. Lera Litvinova Gallery arranges exhibitions of Ukrainian modern artists and carries out art-projects both in Ukraine and abroad. The Gallery is aiming to get art lovers acquainted with the work of modern artists and their unordinary world vision.

Leonora Yanko curator of the exhibition, art historian and the director of Lera Litvinova Gallery, indicates: "Since now art-space Lera Litvinova Gallery instead traditional photo- and descriptive report about exhibition opening will offer exclusive interviews with the authors and project curators. Every artist expresses himself best through his paintings, emotionally translates the concepts of his works. The thoughts of the artist are the very key to understanding the ideas and scenes hidden behind the canvas"

Evgeniy Shapovalov

Evgeniy Shapovalov

The author of the exhibition “Naked in Flowers” Evgeniy Shapovalov answered a set of questions about his work.

Interviewer: Every artist some wise finds his way to creativity? What sparked you to take a brush to your hands?

Evgeniy: I have been painting since childhood. There was a period when I gave it up. But the feeling that creativity is the only thing I should be occupying with has never left me. Having realized, that this is my true vocation, I’ve started to develop in this scope.

I: Your art technique is pretty unusual do you often use pastel while working? What is its magic?

Е: The painting in pastel technique actually formed my art style. I like this technique because it conveys tenderness and helps to make interesting technical elements, what gives me a great pleasure.

I: Gabriel Garcia Markes once noted that inspiration comes only in work. But to start creating something an artist has to find those emotions to share with. What is your spring of those emotions, what urges the strength of creative forces?

Е: I totally agree with Gabriel Garsia Markes. By the way, it’s one of my favorite authors. There are certain images and plots coming to me and giving the inspiration. In work arises the desire to depict them.

Evgeniy Shapovalov / Antique still life / canvas, oil / 110x110

I: Each painting is the emotions and feelings of the artist at the moment of creation. It is said that world masterpieces were often created in a depressed mood. Do you appeal to creativity during times of crisis or only in an exalted mood?

Е: I write my paintings only in a good calm mood. When I am in a bad humor I do not even come to my works. It is important for me that the right mood emanates from the work. There are a lot of negative things in our world, but my task is only to convey positive emotions to the world.

I: Finding your own style is part of the artist's creative path. Was it easy to find the style for you, most comfortable to create in?

Е: It is important for an artist to find his own face. It was not given to me very simply. The understanding and formation of my style began in 2010. Before that, there was a lot of experiments and even destruction of works. I am always trying to make more and more interesting discoveries in my work. The main is a constant experiment and work on yourself to achieve a satisfactory result.

Evgeniy Shapovalov / Blooming mood / canvas, oil / 40x30

I: Continuing the theme of the style, it is interesting to learn about your creative experiments. Some artists prefer already thought out motives, remaining adherent to a single style. Others - do not represent their lives without creative research. Are you open to novelty and experimentation in art?

Е: I am all for opening something new! Of course, in the beginning, the artist takes information from what exists already. That is normal. The main point here is to implant a good taste, which is a right direction for creating own style. It’s much better to seek for yourself a long time and find that inimitable style. The artist can do everything, but never repeat!

Evgeniy Shapovalov / Sweet dreams / canvas, oil / 30x40

I: What, in your opinion, is the phenomenon of the artist?

E: I think the artist's task as a creator is to create and contemplate. Transmit what cannot be said in words.

I: Your new exhibition "Naked in Flowers" features dynamic and original works. You combine unusual views with geometricity, making people look into every piece of your works. Why is it important for you, as an author, to share these works with viewers?

Е: I like investigating and transformation of geometric forms. This process drags you. When painting a picture somewhere you build somewhere you destroy the original forms and examine them on the canvas. But in the end there should be the right combination. I would like to show people another way of thinking and other forms of vision.

The exhibition runs till October 14

Kyiv, Yevgen Gutsala lane, 3

Free entrance., e-mail: mob. 050 033 33 17

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