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Personal exhibition by Julia Poruchnyk "Still life. Aesthetics of the classics"

On October 17, the art space Lera Litvinova Gallery presents a personal exhibition by Julia Poruchnyk "Still Life. Aesthetics of the classics". Lera Litvinova Gallery is striving to get acquainted art lovers with the works of contemporary Ukrainian artists and arranges various art projects and exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

Julia Poruchnyk / Pepper party / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2017

The works by Julia Poruchnyk were presented at exhibitions in Paris, Rome and Madrid. They also complement the collections of art connoisseurs from different countries. The artist seeks herself in various techniques and styles - impressionism, pop art, symbolism, abstractionism and realism. Julia's works reflect her subtle and sensitive inner world.

Julia Poruchnyk / Figs / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2017

The exhibition "Still life. Aesthetics of Classics "represents the genre of still life. The artist has an unusual sense of color, which she conveys to her canvases. Bright bursts that appear in painted objects attract the attention of the viewer from the first sight. Works of the artist are characterized with a contrast. On a dark background she depicts colorful elements using the main techniques of still life. Moreover, Julia not only draws objects, but also fills them with the concept of taste and delicacy. The canvases of the author are opposed to the notion of "dead nature" as a definition of still life.

Julia Poruchnyk / White on blue / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2018

For the first time, still life as a separate genre of art was distinguished in Holland. The Dutch artists chose the most diverse subjects for their still life paintings, they were able perfectly combine them; identify the features of each subject and their internal energy, inextricably linked with human life. Dutch artists Peter Klass and Willem Heda wrote numerous still life paintings of breakfast, featuring meat, rumble rolls, pies, glasses and skillfully transmitting the color, volume and texture of each item on the canvas.

Julia Poruchnyk / Happy grapes / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2018

Being consciously organized, still life always contains a certain message - things and objects turn into symbols. The meaning of these symbols and the content of the messages can be various, but they always contain a part of artist’s philosophical views. In particular, sometimes still life paintings depicted the skull, which symbolized the rapidity of life and the inevitability of death. Still life is not only the image of objects, but also the conversation between the artist and the audience about the world around, material and spiritual things, and the time which we are living in.

Julia Poruchnyk / Avocado / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2017

The curator of the project is LeonoraYanko, art historian, art manager and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery. She notes: "Considering still life from an aesthetic point of view, it is worth saying that this genre is characterized with festive and solemnity, monumentality, magnificence and dynamism. The valorization of objects is a peculiar base of the plot, while artists depict things out of time, combining dramatic with the beautiful."

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