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Art-talks with artist Julia Poruchnyk about her new exhibition and sources of inspiration

The art space Lera Litvinova Gallery presented a solo exhibition by Julia Poruchnyk “Still Life. Aesthetics of classics" in a new location in the very center of Kiev. Lera Litvinova Gallery strives to acquaint art lovers with art of only beginning and already well-known contemporary Ukrainian artists, and arranges stationary exhibitions and various art projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Julia Poruchnyk

Leonora Yanko, project curator, art historian, art manager and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery, says: “We decided to move away from standards and offer exclusive interviews with authors and project curators instead of a usual photo and descriptive report about the opening of exhibitions. It is with the help of brushes that the artist is able to express himself and emotionally translate the concepts of his works, and therefore his thoughts are the key to understanding the ideas and senses hidden behind the canvas. ”

Julia Poruchnyk

In our exclusive interview the author of the exhibition Yulia Poruchnik told us about her creative path and concepts of her own works.

Interviewer: Earlier or later everything turns upside down in the life of every artist - at the moment when the artist decides to link his life with creativity. What made you to pick up the brush?

Julia: I was a fairly successful financier for a long time. But I always had these thoughts about creating something, about painting. In 2014, I purchased a drawing set - these were three canvases, a set of basic paints and an easel. From that very moment everything changed in my life.

I: Your canvases are very bright and colorful. Could you share the secrets of your technique?

J: Yes, sure. The secret is very simple - this is love. Love for life, for people, for art. I depict all the moments of life on my canvases in various colors and shapes.

Julia Poruchnyk / Bananas / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2018

I: Creative forces do not always come when you start painting; they often catch up with you at the most unexpected moment. What is your source of emotions?

J: When I take on paints, I know for sure that now I will only draw. If I have free time from raising three children, then I immediately start painting. I value my free time and try to use it in the most rational way. I just start creating a picture and moreover become incredibly efficient.

Julia Poruchnyk / Pepper party / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2017

I: Each work of art is the emotions and feelings of the artist at the moment of creation. Do you turn to creativity during times of crisis or only in a good mood?

J: There are different moments in life. But when you take the brush in your hand, you forget about all the problems. There is only art.

I: The search for own style is a part of the artist's creative path. Was it easy for you to find your own special artistic niche?

J: My own style was formed quite easiy and quickly. I would describe it as a combination of realism and impressionism in one work.

Julia Poruchnyk / Pepper party. II / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2018

I: Continuing the theme of your own style, it is interesting to know a bit about your creative experiments. Some artists prefer already-designed motifs, remaining a supporter of a single style. Others can’t imagine their life without creative research. Are you open to experiments in art?

J: Every new work is a new experiment. You never know how to draw this or that object. Every time everything happens spontaneously and intuitively.

I: And what, in your opinion, is the phenomenon of the artist?

J: The artist's phenomenon is the embodiment of enchanting material. The task of the artist is to give people positive emotions and reflect the feelings of a person in colors that truly speak about it

Julia Poruchnyk / Mandarin / oil, canvas / 50x50 / 2018

I: New exhibition “Still Life. Aesthetics of classics "represents your work in the genre of still life. Artworks included in the exhibition are bright and elegant at the same time. Why is it important for you, as an author, to share these works with the audience?

J: I really like fruits and vegetables! In their taste and color, I find the ideal forms of the universe existence. I want to draw the viewer's attention to these simple, ordinary and at the same time fascinating wonders of nature. They are irresistible!

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