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Upcoming opening of new art exhibition "Portrait"

We have great news! On 1st of November at 7 p.m. Lera Litvinova Gallery presents a new art-project called "Portrait" at the Jewish Community. The exhibition will feature works in genre of portrait in their modern dimension.

Igor Hubskiy / Leonora / oil, canvas / 2005

Observing the portrait gives the opportunity to look not only on the image but through it. It’s not only representation of the external characteristics but it is also ideological and artistic interpretation of emotions and inner world of the depicted person.

Leonora Yanko, project-curator, art critic, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery says: “Portrait always attracts the audience with its complexity both in technical and semantic ways. It is especially interesting for an artist and for an audience, as it requires from the painter a lot of skills, subtle psychological perception and ability not only to “read” a person but to make this person’s inherent invisible traits visible on canvas”.

Yurij Shapoval / Bill Gates / oil, canvas / 2018

Portrait is one of the most complicated genres of painting, because an artist has to depict not only appearance but also emotions, feelings, internal state and mood of a person. A painter is a storyteller who aims to reveal image of a person, balancing external traits and psychological characteristics and adding some subjectivity.

Yurij Shapoval / Stephen Hawking / oil, canvas / 2018

Among authors whose works will be showcased at the exhibition are recognized not only in Ukraine, but also very well-known in the USA Oleg Radvan, Igor Gubskiy, whose canvases are featured in Ukrainian museums, Tretyakov Gallery and private collections, Oleksiy Kulakov, whose paintings complement the collections of Ukrainian and European museums, Yuriy Shapoval, Tetyana Shymko, Sergiy Piskunov and other well-known and young artists.

Yurij Shapoval / Stephen Hawking / oil, canvas / 2018

“Art opens new dimensions of everyday life. It’s amazing how a simple canvas may convey a whole range of emotions and feelings. Portrait is a narrative about a man, his life, occupation, origin, experience. This is a story that an artist tells in a way he sees it in his own mind” – says Anna Bondar, director of the Jewish Community Center “Halom”.

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