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New art exhibition by Tetyana Shymko "Faces"

On November 6, Lera Litvinova Gallery presents a new exhibition named “Faces” by Tetyana Shymko. The contemporary art space aims to show new views and concepts of modern Ukrainian artists for art lovers by arranging various art projects and exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

Works of Tetyana Shymko complement collections of art lovers from USA, Canada, Ukraine, Austria, Russia, Spain and other countries. The author uses different materials, techniques and styles, revealing the whole diversity of art.

Tetyana Shymko. "Sencuality"

Some of the most emotional works of the portrait series by Tetyana Shymko were selected for “Faces” exhibition. The works of the painter are filled with exotic motifs. The author uses contrast methods, astound with clarity of details and saturation of images. She artistically depicts perceptive glances, transmits the entire depth of the inner world of the characters and subtly emphasizes the nature of human existence. The focus of her paintings is not the appearance but the wide range of emotions – from sensitivity to fun. Every image is an individual story, an individual emotion, an individual world. Every face hides a set of incredible feelings delicately depicted on canvas.

Tetyana Shymko. "Dreams"

Tetyana Shymko creates not a portrait but a story, a story about life, difficulties, happy days, cruelty, dreams, and sincerity. According to the author, she was attracted by unusual images, bright colors, glares of the sun on the body, shadows of the eyelashes. Any image is a new secret which the painter opens to the world with every smear of paint. It’s impossible not to mention another important feature – all the paintings are saturated with the atmosphere of African and Indian culture, with the spirit of tribes, combined with unusual for us domestic and solemn details.

Tetyana Shymko. "Virginity"

The curator of the project is Leonora Yanko, art critic, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery. She notes: “Portrait is one of the most fascinating genres of art anyways, and Tetyana Shymko raised it to another level. Faces on her paintings become alive, kind of speak to you, and look straight into your soul. The artist masterly depicted a wide range of emotions, she saturated paintings with energy of another world, another culture, and used deep colors to transmit those unbelievable emotions revealing from the first glance at the artworks. This is the amazing collection of stories of people from different parts of the Globe”.

Tetyana Shymko. "Happiness"

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