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Exclusive interview with artist Tetyana Shymko about new exhibition

On November 6, the art space Lera Litvinova Gallery presented a solo exhibition of the artist Tetyana Shymko "Faces". Lera Litvinova Gallery strives to open new views and concepts of modern Ukrainian artists to all art lovers, arranging various art projects and exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

Tetyna Shymko

Leonora Yanko, project curator, art historian, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery, notes: “We decided to change the format and present exclusive interviews with the authors and project curators instead of the usual photo and descriptive report about exhibition opening. This will allow viewers to understand the concept of the featured works, reveal the underlying ideas and get to know the artists. ”

Tetyana Shymko / Dreams /

The author of the exhibition Tetyana Shymko told us about the features of her artistic techniques and the search for her own style.

Interviewer: What made you to pick up a brush? Why did you decide to link your life with art?

Tetyana: I decided to connect my life with art five years ago, when my hobby turned into a profession and when I started selling my works. I am a financier by education, but I have been painting all my life.

Tetyana Shymko/ Joy /

I: You have a very special technique - this is pastel, coal, and golden leaf. What attracts you in these materials?

T: Yes, I use different materials. I immediately see what material would be better to choose to draw something. I reflect gold and silver ornaments with painting leaves, to convey the depth of the image where rich black is needed I would rather I choose coal. And while working on a portrait of a dark-skinned baby with a white-painted face, I applied acrylic on my hands and painted with my fingers.

I: As you know, creativity does not exist without inspiration. To start creating, you need to find in your heart those feelings you want to share with. What is the source of emotions for you that awakens your creative forces?

Tetyana Shymko / Temptation /

T: I am always inspired by the world around me and enchanted by life itself. That’s my source of creativity.

I: For many artists, painting is a certain outlet, a way to get rid of negative and depressive thoughts. Do you prefer to create in a depressed mood or in moments of spiritual ascent?

T: I am the mother of two sons, so waiting for inspiration or some special mood is a great luxury for me. I work when I have time, and being at the easel, I am fully immersed in the process. For me, this is a sort of meditation.

Tetyana Shymko / Baby /

I: The search for your own style is a part of the artist's creative path. Was it easy to find your unique style in which you feel most comfortable to work?

T: I am only at the beginning of my creative path, so I am still in search. I try different styles and materials. When I’m tired of the “dirt” of oil and acrylic, I take out paper and watercolors.

I: Continuing the theme of your own style, it is interesting to know about your creative experiments. Are you open to experimentation in art?

Tetyana Shymko / Sadhu /

T: I am constantly experimenting with both materials and styles. I am attracted to the graphics in its various manifestations. In my creative refinement there is already one linocut, and in the plans - etching.

I: How do you think, what is the phenomenon of the artist?

T: The phenomenon of each artist in his uniqueness and originality.

Tetyana Shymko

I: Your new exhibition presents bright exotic portraits filled with the atmosphere of African and Indian culture and focused on various emotions. Why is it important for you, as an author, to share these works with the audience?

T: To share your work with the viewer is as a final stretch. This is a great experience for me, because the canvases on the walls of the gallery are perceived quite differently: you can see all the good and the bad, and this helps to choose improve your skills and choose the path which to move on.

The exhibition runs till November, 26.

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