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Upcoming exhibition opening by Vasyl Zhyrov "Mechanics of Being"

On December 1 Lera Litvinova Gallery presents a new personal exhibition of the artist Vasyl Zhyrov entitled «Mechanics of Being». Lera Litvinova Gallery is known for significant art projects both in Ukraine and abroad and is aiming to promote works of modern Ukrainian artists among art lovers.

Artwork by Vasyl Zhyrov

Artwork by Vasyl Zhyrov / Purple Sphinx / oil, canvas / 80x80 / 2017

Vasyl Zhyrov’s canvases were presented at various exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. The project «Mechanics of Being» will feature the works of the author, made in the style of collage painting and assemblage. The paintings by Vasyl Zhyrov are characterized by unordinary images, abstract reflection of reality and voluminosity. Colored patches create unusual shapes, boldly transforming simple things into new and exceptional.

Artwork by Vasyl Zhyrov / Mechanics of being / oil, canvas / 80x120 / 2018

Artwork by Vasyl Zhyrov / Mechanics of being / oil, canvas / 80x120 / 2018

Techniques of collage and assemblage are related, but they have certain differences. Translated from French, assemblage means "assembly." Collecting various objects or their fragments into a single composition, the author creates a three-dimensional image that is similar in structure to a collage. The artist can use both painting materials and ready forms of objects for work. Dadaists, surrealists, as well as artists who worked in the style of pop art often used assemblage. Among the famous authors who were interested in this technique and used it in their works were Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Zack Freeman.

Vasyl Zhyrov’s canvases are impressing with their originality and geometricity. Abstraction, among which various images emerge, is successfully interwoven with cubism. The peculiarity of artist's works, besides using the collage and assemblage techniques, is a specific selection of color - the author uses similar colors within one canvas, diluting them with contrasting colors. Some of the artist's canvases look like ancient works of art, attract with gold highlights and interesting ornaments.

Artwork by Vasyl Zhyrov / Kyiv in the evening / oil, canvas / 60x120 / 2017

Artwork by Vasyl Zhyrov / Kyiv in the evening / oil, canvas / 60x120 / 2017

The project curator is Leonora Yanko, art historian, art manager, and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery. She notes: «In the new exhibition we decided to present the incredible works by Vasyl Zhyrov, made in a rather unusual technique of collage painting and assemblage. There are only a few authors representing these techniques in the Ukrainian art scene. Assemblage and collage are closely interlaced with each other. Such techniques provide creations with emotional intensity and sharpness. ”

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