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Exhibition opening by artist Andriy Shmyrin "14 eight-thousanders" at TV Center "Kara

On December 24 Lera Litvinova Gallery along with the creative space of the main office of Public Broadcaster of Ukraine UA: HUB present a large-scale project of the artist Andriy Shmyrin entitled «14 eight-thousanders»

Andriy Shmyrin / Manaslu Mountain / oil, canvas / 140x200 / 2018

Lera Litvinova Gallery arranges stationary exhibitions and various art projects both in Ukraine and abroad in museum and other locations. Art space aims to popularize the work of contemporary Ukrainian artists and supports important social and cultural projects.

Andriy Shmyrin / Everest panorama / oil, canvas / 130x270 / 2017

«The project «14 eight-thousanders» is very important for the creative space UA.HUB, because it is not only an exhibition, but also a socially significant event. Television Center «Karandash» is open daily and combines the Reading Room, Lyceum, Museum of Television and Coworking, and recently modern art works have become an excellent addition to our space. We are glad that we can join to the popularization of art, and we also want to complement the exhibitions with informative lectures and dialogues, because for us as a Public Broadcaster it is crucial to talk about complicated things in an simple language» - says the head of the internal communication department, UA: HUB coordinator Irina Zhukovskaya .

Andriy Shmyrin / Cho Oyu Mountain / oil, canvas / 140x200 / 2018

The large-scale exposition includes 14 paintings by Ukrainian artist Andriy Shmyrin. In his works, the author depicted the 14 highest mountain peaks, with a height of more than 8000 meters, but only 40 climbers managed to conquer them.Andriy Shmyrin became the first artist in the world who portrayed each of the eight-thousanders. The author was struck by the history of the Ukrainian mountaineer Vladislav Terzyul, who climbed all these peaks without an oxygen cylinder, but, unfortunately, died during the descent from the last mountain.

Andriy Shmyrin / Chogori Mountain / oil, canvas / 140x180 / 2017

«The mountains have always fascinated me. They are immense, majestic, impressive. To carry this greatness on the canvas is incredible. I decided to depict all 14 eight-thousanders and pay tribute to those who were able to climb such a beautiful, but dangerous point of our planet, because in order to conquer the peaks of the “Crown of the Earth”, a person needs courage. I was struck by the story of Vladislav Terziul, a real Ukrainian hero, who was able to climb each of these slopes and set the flag of our country on the peak. He climbed to the top without an oxygen tank, and there are only a few climbers in the world, who did this. I consider it is necessary to tell about his achievements and to honor his memory, » - says the author Andriy Shmyrin.

Andriy Shmyrin / Dhaulagiri Mountain / oil, canvas / 140x220 / 2018

Andriy Shmyrin recreated the fascinating grandeur of the «Crown of the Earth» and emphasized the power of the mountain slopes. The artist was inspired by the explorers of the peaks, as well as the power and inaccessibility of the mountains themselves. Each canvas is a new peak, a new goal, a new feat. Pictures of the author also emphasize the scale of the exhibition, because they are quite large in size - 2-3 meters. Shmyrin's canvases are so phenomenal and realistic.

Andriy Shmyrin / Kanchenjunga Mountain / oil, canvas / 120x160/ 2017

The project curator is Leonora Yanko, art manager, art historian and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery. She notes: «We are honored to present this special exhibition and to commemorate the Ukrainian climber Vladislav Terzyul. This is an important socio-cultural event at the international level. We must remember such courageous and brave Ukrainians. It is worth noting that Andriy Shmyrin is an outstanding artist, who not only subtly and realistically depicts classical mountain landscapes, but lays in his works a concept that is important to share with others.»

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