Lera Litvinova Gallery opened in RYBALSKY with exhibition "Zone of Response"

On December 14 Lera Litvinova Gallery opened to public a new art location in a residential neighbourhood RYBALSKY in partnership with SAGA Development. Lera Litvinova Gallery is a contemporary art space well-known for its significant projects both in Ukraine and other countries. This time it met guests at the new address to present a contemporary art exhibition called «Zone of Response».

Among the visitors of the grand opening were Ukrainian TV presenters, print journalists, bloggers, Ukrainian artists, foreign guests, collectors and connoisseurs of modern art.

«The mission of SAGA Development is to create a stylish and comfortable living space. We realize this mission through non-standard architecture, convenient public spaces and modern art objects. We are confident that future residents of RYBALSKY complex, as well as we, are keen on modern art, and Lera Litvinova Gallery art space will become one of their favorite places to spend cultural leisure» says SAGA Development CEO Andrei Vavrysh.

The gallery opened with a philosophical project «Zone of Responce». One of the main premises of which is the artistic exploration of human spirituality. The exhibition includes works by artists, who are arguing on the themes of social consciousness, individuality, division of personal qualities into positive and negative, and adaptations to a changing society. Works are selected on the principle of conditional static. They are transmitting a state of peace, a process of searching for and finding a fulcrum, which sometimes can be achieved due to catharsis. The project analyses social changes and current period of our society.

During the evening, visitors had the opportunity to talk with artists and curators, as well as to share their thoughts and ideas on works with gallery director Leonora Yanko and ideological inspirer Lera Litvinova. An unforgettable evening made the author's compositions performed by the pianist, composer, laureate of international competitions - Sasha Morozova.

Leonora Yanko, art critic, art manager and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery, notes: «A new project is a combination of theoretical and artistic meanings in a philosophical sense. Since childhood we used to divide things into black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. This division is based on various factors that affect us throughout our lives: experience, social institutions, political events, religious background. At the end of the year, the project «Zone of Responce» becomes a kind of research on relationships between people, their reaction to positive communication, and the ability of individuals to be open in society».

The exhibition includes works by such contemporary Ukrainian artists as Anna Voloshko, Olga Selichsheva, Daria Ivashchenko, Alla Volobuyeva, Yuriy Shapoval, Alina Gayeva, Lera Litvinova, Astian Rey, Yevhen Shapovalov, Yulia Polyakova, Danylo Kozeletsky, Artem Andreychuk (Kaffelman), Denis Gorodnichiy.

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