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Daniel Kozeletskiy opens personal exhibition in Kyiv

Opening of a personal exhibition of Daniel Kozeletskiy called «Morning Elegance» will be held on January 24, 2019 at 7 p.m. at Lera Litvinova Gallery.

Leonora Yanko, art critic, art manager and director of Lera Litvinova Gallery: “The dream theme is presented in the works of almost all outstanding and world-known artists. Daniel Kozeletskiy use the state of being asleep as a condition that most fully reveals the beauty of a woman in her innocence and purity. The author's canvases are quite contrasty, as the uncolored central image is located on a motley background. By leaving the woman’s body absolutely white, the artist kind of protects her calmness and dreams from the surrounding forces that can destroy this idiomatical perfection".

Daniel Kozeletskiy masterfully using color, he is not afraid to play with form and image, while creating a unified concept of his works. The exposition “Morning Elegance” consists of 12 works, which are united by one idea. In a splash of color, the author portrayed women who have fallen asleep and stay in their own subconscious. The artist’s sketches have also been added to the exhibition, making it possible to trace the entire process of the creating of the painting, from a sketch to a work of art. The paintings presented in the exposition are filled with light and contrast of morning colors, a complex eastern ornament is associated with the lace of fancy morning shadows. The aesthetics of sleeping clearly reveal the moment of observation at the predawn hour.

For the artist, the most beautiful woman is the one being in a natural state, fascinating with her innocence and serenity. For the author that particular state is a state of sleeping. In a sleep, people are who they are supposed to be by nature - without any masks and games. That’s a pure subconscious, a soul in a beautiful, perfect body.

Despite the fact that the central image is surrounded by colorful patterns, the artist left the female body uncolored, indicating on the purity and defenselessness of the female nature. According to Kozeletskiy, such an artistic method allows to depict harmony and perfection as symbols. A colorful background, full of stray patterns and bright, sometimes even poisonous colors, was created only to emphasize the purity, as well as to show the brightness of dreams and the brightness of the temptations that surround us in everyday life. After all, everything that exists around is shimmering with colors of desires and illusions.

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