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First personal exhibition of Daria Ivashchenko art works get a great success among the artcollectors

13 - 26 February Lera Litvinova Gallery presented first personal exhibition by Daria Ivashchenko.

Many of the art works became part of private collections.

Daria Ivashchenko's works bring the pleasure of contemplation; at the same time they attract attention to the defenselessness of nature, its innocence, the need to preserve flora and fauna. Each canvas is full of lightness and sophistication, and the colors are intertwined, emphasizing the trembling of the marine world. At the same time, the images are imbued with the spirit of freedom, free existence and dangerous beauty. Paintings are harmonized with each other and bring the feeling of aesthetics, fragility and beauty of nature.

New exhibition with Daria Ivashchenko now is under preparation with a new series.

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