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Oleksiy Belyusenko opens exhibition "The road to Sudak" in Lera Litvinova Gallery

Until the end of May, the Lera Litvinova Gallery presenting the exhibition “The road to Sudak” by Alexey Belyusenko.

Leonora Yanko, director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery, notes: “The road to Sudak” is a sustained and long-awaited project that is not by chance we present it during this historical period, guests will find certain associations for themselves. Espessialy Crimea issue is relevant and nostalgic in accordance of the 18 May, the day of deportation from Crimea."

Alexey Belyusenko is one of the founding members of the well known art group "Blue October", on his account numerous exhibitions abroad, in Norway, Poland, Lithuania and Germany, the artist's works are represented in private collections and galleries in more than 30 countries of the world.

The exhibition contains a series of works devoted to the Crimea, pure nostalgie for the native land. Crimea always was the place for Artists from all over Ukraine to come for the inspiration and plein airs.

The exhibition is open until May 31, 2019.

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