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Opening of the personal exhibition by Lubomyr Martynuk “The blooming garden”

Lera Litvinova Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of a personal exhibition by Lubomyr Martynuk on July 19 at 18:00 called “The blooming garden”. The contemporary art space runs the exhibitions of modern Ukrainian artists and arranges various art projects both in Ukraine and abroad. The gallery is aiming to acquaint people with the creativity of contemporary artists and their unique vision of the world in a changing society.

Lubomyr Martynyuk is known not only as an author, who has an advanced art technique and a great school of painting, but as an artist, who depicts a unique vision of nature in his works. The powerful and dynamic sculpturesque strokes of the artist make still-life alive, denying the very name "nature morte". The artist’s canvases are exhibited in various galleries and museums of Ukraine and Europe. His works are kept in private collections at home and abroad. Lubomyr is an active participant and organizer of plein airs for both beginners and well-known artists, and he also constantly takes part in charity projects.

Each of the artists speaks of love to nature through own creativity, Lyubomyr Martynyuk is incredibly passionate and dedicated to the beauty of nature. In his paintings, the author feeds every petal, every flower, every tree, he draws in details pictoriality and variety of the surrounding world.

The curator of the project is Leonora Janko, art historian, art manager and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery. "Still-life has always been an unusual genre. His first manifestations are found in art of the Byzantine Empire, since then he has undergone many transformations, and today he is one of the most interesting genres for both spectator and artist ", - asserts Leonora.

"The pictures can inspire and bring joy, change mood and make you calm, bring pleasure and distract from the ordinary life, they must provoke emotion of the spectator and this is the most important thing," – claims Galina Shabsha, the director of Shabshai Upgrade System, a member of the International Association of Anne-typology IEA ( California)

Andrey Kravets, a managing partner of K & K LAW COMPANY and official sponsor of the event, says: "Nothing describes a person better than creativity, which gives you wings, makes you think and brings you away into your dreams."


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